Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Out To Dinner

Just a reminder about my List of Service Ideas posted here. Please hop over and add any Service ideas you have (to the comment section)-a full list will be placed in the side bar starting next week.
Also, I mentioned the Foster Care Foundation as a viable option for service-including "Skirting the Issue," making skirts for girls in the Foster Care system. Well, "Skirting the Issue" has now begun (as of July 1st) on the previous link for more information and to join this awesome movement.

We went out to dinner to Chop House last week, and it was quite a fun experience. It was decided that we would eat at a hibachi table (where they cook your dinner at your table). Widget was not sure what to think at first, but then she got really into it.

Eating egg-drop soup.
The chef cooking up the rice...
...and making the rice into a bunny :)
The bunny, including eyes, nose, mouth, wiskers and ears.
Using her 'training' chopsticks: a roll of paper placed between the sticks (at back end) then sticks wrapped with a rubber band. All the kids received these, and as you can see from the picture below, all you had to do was squeeze the sticks much easier :)
Daddy helping Widget crack an egg with a spatula.
Sorry for the blurry picture, but it is really hard to take a good picture of fire in the dark.
Have you been to any fun restaurants (in your area) lately? What kind are you drawn to?

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