Thursday, July 26, 2012

Third Thursdays with Tash: Swimsuits and Stitches

Hello everyone. Did you miss me last week? I sure missed you. I was going to tell you about my swimming suit ordeal, but my honey’s appendix just had to throw a tantrum. Well if it was going to act so badly we didn’t want to associate with it any more. So my week looked like this…

Spencer is recovering well. He even helped me with this post by taking some pictures of me and lovingly editing them. Photoshop and I are still getting acquainted.

Like most women I struggle with finding a swimming suit that is cute, modest, and fits. I had no idea I was asking too much, but I found one online that looked perfect. When it finally arrived I tried it on. It fit great, and then I looked in the mirror. Let’s just say that the model was not nearly as voluptuous as I am. Here’s a before picture. I know I’m not in it, but trust me nobody needed to see that much of me.

Instead of returning it I decided to add some white fabric to raise the bust line. Spencer calls it my bust accent, I call it modesty. I started by making the insert on my sewing machine. Once the proper shape had been achieved I tacked it down on the corners to check for fit. When I had it positioned properly I then moved to sewing it on. This was the hardest part. How was I supposed to sew in a curvy place, keep it stretchy but not stretch the material too much or the insert pucker, and get it to match on the other side? My sewing machine broke a brand new needle just thinking about sewing it.

Solution: sew it by hand. Hand sewing sounds arduous, but it worked great. I simply followed these four S’s: Smooth, Stretch, Shape, and Stitch. I used a pseudo zigzag stitch by following the original double stitch on the front and crossing over to the opposite line in the back.

Here is the finished product!

After wearing it for a while I discovered that a halter hurts my neck. So I added a white strap in the back and tied the original straps trough it. It is so much more comfortable.

Now I have a swimsuit that I can proudly wear to the beach, or the pool, and most importantly, I can wear it in public. And in the words of Widget, "Woohoo!!!!"

*Thanks Tash for another great post. Did you see me and the Hubs photo bombing Tasha's picture at the funny is that?!?!



  1. Tasha, your suit turned out so cute! I love it! I hope Spencer gets better soon!

  2. I agree with Chika! IT looks great i love the halter revamp too!

  3. Hope the hubby is feeling better! The swimsuit really did turn out great!


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