Monday, July 23, 2012

Tracing Shirt for a Pattern

I received some cute fabric from my neighbor a few weeks ago. Actually, the neighbor (the wife, let's call her Miss T) had been talking to her mom about how I brought my sewing machine with me to Puerto Rico and how I've been in search of a good fabric Miss T's mom brought over a brand new dress pattern, Widget size, and 4 separate yards of girly fabric, each a yard cut (How thoughtful!!!) Anyway, I've been looking for some fun projects to use the fabric on, but I have not found any cute patterns in Walmart for little girl's shirts (and I plan to use one yard to make the dress pattern that came with the fabric). So I grabbed a shirt my Mother-in-law made for Widget and traced the overall shape to create a pattern.

The shirt has an elastic waist band, so I made sure to stretch it out flat (or as close to flat as possible) before tracing the shirt.
Here is the outline of the shirt...I only traced half of the shirt-so the pattern can be cut on the fold.
I made some notes on the paper (so I can remember where I traced the pattern, and what I was thinking at the time. Then I cut out the pattern.
Because I did not include any seam allowance on the first pattern, I traced the pattern again and added the seam allowance and length for the shirt.
See the seam allowance?
I also measured the length of the existing shirt, then made a note at the bottom of the new pattern paper.

Now I have a shirt pattern (I'll be-it super basic) to work with. Check back later for a shirt I made using this pattern :)


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