Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Water Purse

Since we've been heading to the beach a lot recently, and collecting sea shells, I decided Widget needed a 'pouch' of her own to collect her new treasures. I still can't quite decide to call it: sea shell purse, zipper pouch, water purse...what do you think?

I picked up some light pink lace and navy blue mesh (think sports jersey mesh)...and I picked these fabrics because that is what Walmart had in stock, but it works for now. I used permiable fabrics (like mesh) so Widget could keep the sea shell purse on in the water, and the water would seep in and seep right back out.

Oh, and I also used a matching zipper.

I followed this tutorial to put the pouch together-accept I did not give the bottom boxed corners.

View of the inside layer (zipper upside down)

View of the outside layer (zipper right side up)
At this point I sewed around the perimeter, leaving an open space to flip the bag right side out again (like sewing around a blanket). Once flipped, I sewed the open section closed---with the machine because I would rather not hand sew anything (sorry for no picture of this step, I was not sure I was doing it right at first).

I didn't have the pink elastic I wanted to make the strap, so I safety pinned some teal FOE elastic onto the pouch...and it's been working great! And I can still change it later when I find the color I want :)
 See the teal strap across Widget's pink swimsuit?
 Now you can see the pink pouch-once we get to the beach, the pouch never leaves Widget's person. She swims with it, snorkels with it, builds sand castles with it, etc.
Now a close up
This is Widget's "What do you think you are doing?" face...funny, right?!?
 And she/we collect all our sea shell and rock treasures into the pouch for a safe journey home.

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