Thursday, August 23, 2012

Faithful Friday: Apologies and Announcements

I need to apologize, my friends. I did not mean to fall off the radar for the last couple of days, but sometimes it is just how life goes, you know?!? As you may remember, we are living in Puerto Rico...but what you may not know is that we are experiencing our (me and my family) very first tropical storm. Tuesday was spent looking for updates on Isaac, Wednesday was spent picking up extra supplies (like extra water and non perishable foods) while the Hubs was working, and Thursday the Hubs stayed home (which keeps me occupied-who knows why).

Anyway, where was I...oh yes, watching Isaac. We spent some time prepping the house as well-taking down the hammock, clearing out the patio and making sure all windows were shut along with a number of other things. Then we waited, and waited, received some rain, then nothing, then more rain, then...well, everything repeated, just not at the ferocity we (and the weather people) expected.

As a matter of fact, Isaac decided to take a bit of a southerly turn and miss his debut in Puerto Rico-which is lucky for us, I guess. We plan to still have increased rain and thunderstorms here on the northern central part of the island, and possible flooding in other places of the island.

I am very thankful that this experience has been so mild, compared to what it could have been. I know that our Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of His children and knows us all on an individual basis. We do not live through tough situations, including crazy weather, for punishment...however, I am truly grateful to my Heavenly Father for staying the storm and keeping the people of Puerto Rico, whom we love, from overcoming a more dangerous storm. I know many of us that have been missed by Isaac are praying for those still in the Isaac's path---praying they may be as prepared as possible and that the storm does not increase over a Category 1 Hurricane (as it is projected to be by the Florida Keys). I am happy to have spent this time with my little family, to renew our 'energy' as one, and to rely on the Lord.


Onto different news...

I actually had two winners not contact me, so I get to pick new winners...which is exciting :) and also sad :(  (sorry ladies!) So here we go...

The new winner of the Rolled Rose Necklace is:
These turned out absolutely amazing! 
My therapy craft is making printable word art. :D

Please email me (within 48 hours) with your full name and mailing address so I can send your prize on its way... apples(dot)chandler at gmail(dot)com

The new winner of the ZLilly Accessories applique shirt/onesie is:

So cute! Thanks for reminding me to enter :)!

Please email me (within 48 hours) with your full name and mailing address so I can make and send your prize on its way... apples(dot)chandler at gmail(dot)com . Please let me know the specific design you'd like (i.e. turtle, spy, etc.) and what size (2T tshirt, 18 mon onesie, etc.). 

Congrats Erica and Kiley!

Remember ladies to contact me by Sunday, August 26, to claim your prize :)

Hope you have a fun and safe weekend! Thanks for reading :)


  1. What a cute baby!
    Stopping by from Thee Networking Blog Hop. Love for you to stop by and return the follow. Hosting Mom's Monday Mingle tonight and all day tomorrow. Love to have you!


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