Friday, August 31, 2012

Faithful Friday: Bacon

So a couple of nights ago, I was thinking about how much bacon makes my mouth water...

I know that today is my Faithful Friday post. I'll get to the 'Faithful' part, I promise...

Back to bacon, it makes my mouth water. I enjoy eating it, my entire family enjoys eating it, and I know many others that enjoy eating it. We, as a family, also keep at least two packages of bacon in our freezer at any given time (you never know when you're gonna need it). Now before I get in trouble, I understand that others may not share my excitement for bacon (specifically) or any type of pork-in that case, think of your favorite food instead of bacon :)

I pondered on my experiences with bacon: breakfast side or braid, BLTs, topping for soups and salads, a salty coat for chicken or pineapple, casseroles, and many other delicious things. My motto: adding bacon to something makes it better (except to maple doughnuts...I just don't quite understand that). Even when bacon is not dazzling my taste buds, it is on my mind. It is going to be in tomorrows recipe, or Widget is requesting it to dance on her mac and cheese. It is, it seems, an underlying them to my meal planning...which, of course, spills into other parts of my life.

Now that your mouth is watering too, I'll bring you to my next point. If bacon is like the bonus ingredient in food, then the Gospel is like the bonus ingredient in life. More specifically, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord has given us many tools and ways to use His word and commandments: to brighten dark days, soothe morning souls, guide struggling families, and increase our faith. And most importantly, redeem us through the Atonement. Do you know how awesome I feel knowing that I can repent of my sins and transgressions, and be forgiven...that I can live again with those that love me so deeply that I cannot even fathom its depths? I have great faith that the Gospel, including the Atonement and Plan of Happiness, have been given to the children of men as the zest to our mortality, the bonus ingredient to sweeten our experiences even further.

Which leads me back to faith...the thing in our lives that leads us to be better people, gives us hope and calms stormy seas in our journey on this earth. We are loved here and now, and also beyond.

May your world be filled with the 'bacon' you need, desire, and deserve.

P.S. All recipes linked to in this post have been tried (and loved) or will soon be tried by yours truly. Some other awesomeness with/without bacon can be seen on my Favorite Recipes Board on Pinterest. I'd love for you to follow me on Pinterest, if you'd like.

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  1. On my little grands 1st day of kindergarten (this week) her daddy fixed a big breakfast that included pork bacon. She said something was wrong with it...come to find out mom usually uses turkey bacon! Tastes good, but different texture! From one bacon lover to another, I enjoyed this post.


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