Friday, August 17, 2012

Faithful Friday: Choosing Happiness

We are now past all of our scheduled visitors here in Puerto Rico (besides my husbands co-workers(s) of course), and I am filled with relief (who wants to change bedding on the guest bed three times in 9 days?) but also feeling a tinge of sadness. I usually thrive in being in more social settings, or at least need to be social on occasion to keep my energy up...but I know I am plain worn out from hosting guests at our house for almost 3 weeks straight.

These types of situations...when I get worn out or run down...usually mean I have some sort of breakdown/tantrum myself-short temper/occasionally raising my voice/locking myself in my room all followed by a good old fashion cry...believe me, it's not pretty. I can become an emotional wreck because I bottle up (and save) my emotional turmoil, then it releases like a geyser...sometimes as reliable as Old Faithful in Yellowstone. It's like my life rotates on a cycle or something, I wonder how that works? (j/k I really do know how that works...and my ups and downs are usually predictable).

You've heard the term Mind Over Matter, right? Well I've been working on 'counteracting' the inevitable breakdown with positive reinforcement-not so easy to apply to yourself, but it's quite possible. I have been praying for peace and trying to choose to feel happy (or at least not hurt or angry) for the last few weeks, and I feel like I have had some success in balancing out my 'mood swings.' Now, I'm still not perfect but I am moving forward...which is better than before :)

Does this situation sound familiar? Does this concept sound foreign to you? I wish this type of situation did not plague us all. And I do hope this concept of 'choosing happiness' is not a new to anyone, either. One of my greatest inspirations actually started off as a craft/sewing blogger; when after losing her father and battling cancer, she has strengthened many others by promoting her choice to "Choose Joy." It also doesn't hurt that we share our name ;) as well.

May this moment be sweetened with every new breath you take. May the next be fertile to grow and strengthen positive memories.

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