Friday, August 3, 2012

Faithful Friday: In the Blender

There has been a lot of viral news going around facebook and news sources (and I'm sure on TV-I just don't have TV) about chick-fil-a and about judgements that have fallen upon the current president of the company. I have read multiple statements from random people, and nothing stood out more to me than the statements about love and respect of others.

I found this quote from in an excerpt from an address delivered in Salt Lake City on March 10, 2011, to a group of national Christian leaders-it reminded me of how I can look at others in judgement (knowing the facts or not) and not show the love that I should.  The address was given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints).

To be sure, there is a risk associated with learning something new about someone else. New insights always affect old perspectives, and thus some rethinking, rearranging, and restructuring of our worldviews is inevitable. When we look beyond people’s color, ethnic group, social circle, church, synagogue, mosque, creed, and statement(s) of belief, and when we try our best to see them for who and what they are—children of the same God—something good and worthwhile happens within us, and we are thereby drawn into a closer union with that God who is the Father of us all.
Would not our world be more pleasant, less stressful and feel safer if we all truly loved each other for "who and what (we) are-children of the same God..." May we all draw nearer to our Heavenly Father by respecting, loving, and serving our fellow men and matter our differences.

And now, my blender trial:
 So here in Puerto Rico, we do not have an electric mixer...unless you count the blender we bought at Walmart. However, I had a hankering to eat REAL cheesecake, but did not think I could whip cream cheese by hand (let alone the eggs in the end), so I decided to try out my blender instead.
 I had to scrape the sides constantly with a metal serving spatula, it was the only thing long enough to reach the bottom of the blender.
 It seemed really runny to me, but I have not made cheese cake in awhile-so I went ahead and put it into a premade crust (I know I cheated).
 We had to pick up my brother-in-law at the airport, so I set the oven to 'timed bake' and for not as much time as the recipe said (because the oven stays hot for a while).
 We were delayed getting back from the airport, so the cheesecake stayed in the oven EVEN longer than expected. Apparently it got a little overcooked :(
But as you can see, we still ate it. The brother-in-law said it was like having a caramelized crust on top. I hope to try cooking cheese cake again...when I'll be available to take it out of the oven.


  1. I would still eat it too, I love cheesecake! Kudos to you for undertaking that challenge, I never have and I have an electric mixer :)

    1. Try it some time! Just think: if you fail, it's a great story to tell!


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