Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hair Today...

We wanted to try a few new hair styles...well sort of new...well, really anything other than our daily ponytail. Widget requested my hair roll thing:

I use this method, and I normally just roll my own hair. It does make my hair curly, but not evenly (the back section doesn't get wrapped around the headband as many times, but still one of my favorite ways to do my hair-here is another example. Anyway, Widget really wanted this style, but since her hair was dry (I normally do mine wet) it wouldn't stay 'rolled' around the headband as tight. I used a bunch of bobbi pins to secure the roll around her head. Cute none-the-less :)

And my hair, you ask? Braided of course:

I braided the front (shorter) part of my hair using this method, and the rest of my hair I did the same thing but upside down..kinda. I grabbed 'new' hair for one side of the braid only, like the first method, but included the 'new' hair into the opposite side of the braid (nape of my neck instead of the crown of head). Yeah, I knew this would be hard to explain. Just braid around your head in your favorite braid method, tuck ends of hair back under the side of the braid and pin. The end.

What hair style do you like to switch up your daily routine with?


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