Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rolled Rose Tutorial & Giveaway Day #3

Today we are skipping the Wordless Wednesday post because we are celebrating our Blog-iversary (or is it Blog-aversary?). We are giving away a number of items throughout the week, so make sure to stop by every day to enter the new giveaways :) And today's Giveaway is from Tash, from Third Thursdays with Tash...take it away Tash!

I love rolled fabric roses.  I know that they are all over blog land, but I can’t help but read about them over and over.  What do I love about them?  They are fun, fast, and simple to make, but look so pretty and elegant when finished.  It’s like my therapy craft.  I can feel useless before I start, and so satisfied when I finish making them.  Does anyone else agree or am I just weird?

            Now there are a lot of tutorials out there, believe me I’ve read many of them, but here is how I make mine.  All you need to get started is: long strips of scrap fabric, felt for the back, scissors, and a hot glue gun with glue of course.  ;) 

            Cut a square of felt that is just bigger than the size you want the finished product to be.  Put a dot of glue in the middle, and glue on a twist of fabric.  If you struggle with the twist try a knot, it looks just as good. 
            Twist the fabric.  On this red one I twisted away from the center of the rose, but it doesn’t matter which way.  It’s all about personal preference.  I think on the black one I actually reversed directions at the end.  Oops! 

            Run a dot or line of glue against the base of the forming rose, and smash the twisted fabric against it.  Smashing is part of the therapy.  I only glue a quarter of the circle down at a time.  If you like a looser look, or use a wide strip of fabric, run the glue farther away from the center.   

            Keep twisting, rolling, and gluing…

            … until you reach the desired size.  

            Cut off the extra felt bottom.  Be careful when you do this step.  If you cut off too much the outer circle has nothing to stick to.  I speak from experience. 

            Glue the end to the bottom, and you are done!  Ta Da!!!

            Now make more.  These were all made the same way, but with slight differences.  The black one was made with a looser twist.  The gray and red with two fabrics twisted together. 

            The necklace was made by gluing completed roses next to each other on a large piece of soft flannel.   I wore it a three times to make sure it was well made, and each time it received a compliment.   I’m glad I made one for myself, or I wouldn’t want to give it away.  

            I hope all of your questions on how to make rolled fabric roses were answered.  The only question left is who will win the necklace?

Thanks Tash for that great tutorial! And Tash has so graciously made this wonderful necklace to giveaway to you! We are giving away this exact beautiful white rolled rose necklace shown in this post. All you need to do is leave one comment telling Tash what your therapy craft is :) You do not need to be a Stalker (follower) of to win today's giveaway, but I'd love for you to become a Stalker (follower) anyway :)...if you want to ;)

The winner will be announced next Wednesday (giveaway will be open until Tuesday, August 14, at 10:00 pm MST). Good Luck! And remember to stop by every day the rest of this week for more giveaways! 



  1. How can I resist when they're all so beautiful?

  2. These turned out absolutely amazing! My therapy craft is making printable word art. :D

    1. Hey Erica,
      You are the new winner of the Rolled Rose Necklace! Please see this post for more information:

  3. Crochet is definitely my therapy craft. I love sewing but its not as mindless and relaxing for me!

  4. Your necklace is exquisite, what a delightful giveaway! When I'm feeling the urge for some creative therapy, I really love to sew. I don't sew as much clothing as I once did, but instead I love to sew home decor; coordinating pillow sets, pillow covers, napkins, placemats, nursery items, whatever!

  5. therapy craft for me...well it has to be sewing!

  6. My therapy craft is anything crocheted. I have been crocheting for a long time and it's the one thing I can do that I can start & finish without a giant mess. (Well, except that cardigan that I only have 2 rows done because I can't get the count

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