Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beginnings of a Halloween Wreath

I found some cute monster fabric at a semi-craft store near our house. The fabric has different stripes and little monsters on it-which I thought would make a SAweet wreath.
I picked up a pool noodle and some duct tape from the CVS down the street.
I finagled the noodle into a ring shape, then taped the ends together.
Here is the noodle turned wreath.
I cut strips of my monster fabric, about 3.5-4" wide. I used 5 strips total to cover the wreath, that equals about 20" long by the width of the fabric...ish. Keep that in mind if you plan to make a similar wreath, you will probably need more than 1/2 yard.
I then taped one end of one of the strips to the noodle, and started wrapping...and wrapping...taping a new strip, and wrapping...etc.
When one strip ended, I taped the end to the noodle and the beginning of the next strip to the the end of the previous. I hope that makes sense....
Ta-Da! I ended up with a fabric wrapped noodle :) with cute monsters on it.

Now, I plan to hang the wreath with a ribbon, tied in a bow, on our front door. Maybe even add a pennant banner with letters spelling something Halloween-y, but I can't decide if I should use an English word or a Spanish word (since most of our neighbors speak Spanish). Or maybe it should just say "Happy Halloween"....but that's a little boring...Your thoughts?


  1. Spell out "Boo!" - easy and simple!

    1. Great idea Tiff! Now why didn't I think of that ;)


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