Friday, September 21, 2012

Faithful Friday: Jousting & Mary Poppins

Lately at our house, us girls of the family have been dealing with...let's say a 'power struggle'....since the other female in the house (besides myself, of course) is 4 yrs-old, it would seem that she I would win most of the time...besides the fact that I use greater force to send air through my vocal folds (cords) when 'struggling' with the preschooler, I find the whole situation rather uncomfortable.

Arguing with a preschooler, to me, feels like participating in a medieval jousting tournament. It doesn't matter who makes the first 'offending' move, but once the move is made, both parties begin to move forward and ready their lances to strike back. This occurrence also raises an emotional response, which in turn is usually displayed in a physical way: reddening of face, raising of voice, stomping, throwing self onto floor, moving to separate self from other person (or in my daughter's case it is more like storming away from the other person...think teenage girl). But mostly it's like two brick walls trying to intimidate each's not actually possible, and it's a colossal waste of time.

Sometimes I feel like I am not the best mom, and sometimes I feel like I am an awful mother...but I'm not really sure if my daughter would even consider those descriptions as options. I am her mommy, and she loves me unconditionally (and she is my daughter, and I love her unconditionally). She doesn't usually say things like, "You are an amazing Mommy!" or "Mommy, you totally ROCK!" or even "I appreciate everything you do" (although any one of those statements would make me smile and do a little happy dance). Neither does she make statements such as, "I hate you!" or "You're ruining my life!" but I'm sure those will come up eventually---10 years from now. By then, I hope to have mastered my own self control to not shout similar phrases back to her...since I should be a mature adult, and not turn back into a little preschooler with her feelings hurt.

Where was I? Oh yes...
I think I've posted this before, but I still think it is wonderful. Go here for a free 4x6 printable.

Although we have our disagreements, my Widget and I are pretty close...and not because I am practically her only opportunity to interact with other living things (I don't think My Little Ponies really count). Widget and I are a lot alike, and we all know that opposites does that mean 'sameness' repels? Maybe...but definitely not 100% of the time. We disagree about what to have for lunch, which movie to watch, the laws of physics, appropriate social interaction or behavior, what her friends names are, and nap time. But we still spend most of our time together, which I appreciate even if it isn't always as pleasant as you would hope, and we have lots of fun together (especially participating in common interests, like crafting). What Widget does say are things like, "I can't wait to be like you, Mommy" or "We are like the same, isn't that fun?" and even "Mommy, I love you!" All of which rock my world. And the other day she made my heart melt during a conversation she was having with her Daddy. She was telling her Daddy all about what she was going to do when she grows up: get bigger, find a boy, kiss him and fall in love with a chother (her way of saying each other), then sleep in a big bed together, and live happily ever after with children. Daddy asked her, "Are you excited to be a mother some day?" She stared at him for a few moments, almost in disbelief, then responded with conviction, "Oh, yes!" while giving Daddy the glare of "did you even have to ask such a silly question?"

I know that I have short comings and failures, but I also know I must be doing something right. I have not made my child loath or fear motherhood, but rather welcome it with open arms. I know that motherhood is a very special role that I have been entrusted with from my Heavenly Father, and although I am not perfect....actually more like hundreds of miles away from perfect, I am the perfectly imperfect Mommy Widget needs. She was sent to us specifically, and we thank God for her everyday.

Do you ever feel inadequate in motherhood? I am sure you are the perfectly imperfect Mommy for your own little (or not so little) ones, too! Many women have traveled this wonderfully bumpy road of motherhood without being practically perfect in every way (like Mary Poppins)...and we can too :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. Your voice gets louder the more air you force through your vocal folds (cords)...yes I raise my voice, and I'm working on it.

P.P.S. If you want to hear Widget telling me her life story (and Josh's, too) go here and look at the short clip posted on my timeline. Although the lighting is bad in the movie, it is hilarious and definitely worth the 31 seconds :)

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