Friday, September 28, 2012

Faithful Friday: until next time

Hey friends/stalkers!
My regular Faithful Friday post will be delayed until next Friday due to a couple of things:

-the electricity is out at our house, and we have no back-up generator to keep the computer going.
-my Hubs leaves in a couple of days for a work trip back to the States. Before he flies through SLC and St Louis on a 2 week excursion, I'm hoping to spend as much time as possible as a family...which means away from the computer.
-I'm working on a large shipment of inventory for a boutique in Utah, which is scheduled to ship the end of next week. My finger tips are feeling the burn (literally) from working with the hot glue gun for hours on end creating more bows and ribbon hair accessories.

Thanks for you patience, love and support for me and my little blog. I love creating, crafting and decorating...but it's even more fun to share my interests and experiences with you, my stalkers (readers).

I hope you enjoy your weekend, your family, and all the crazy projects you may be working on-and I hope the weather is nicer where you live than where I am right now (heavy rain, thunderstorms, power outage).


P.S. I typed this post on my phone after the power went out...and while I still had a little battery power and 4G connection.

P.P.S. Enjoy the Hubs and Widge goofing around with my phone-taking pics of themselves :)

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  1. Stay safe! I see these pictures and I realize how much I miss you guys. Luv you always!


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