Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Half Up Funky Knot Hair

The other night, as we are running out the door, I look down to the mess on top of my daughter's head...eek! Well, I had to think quick. And that is how the Half Up Funky Knot hairdo was born.
Make half a square knot with two pieces of hair from opposite sides of head.
Gather more hair from the sides of head to make a mini pony tail (one side of pigtail). Then include one piece of hair into one mini ponytail. Then add the other knot piece into the other mini ponytail. Now you have a Half Up Funky Knot pigtails.
Then turn your child (or self) around and admire. You're done!
One last close-up shot of the top of Widget's head....Easy and quick! Enjoy :)


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