Thursday, September 27, 2012

Man Crafting a Zen Garden

 A couple of days ago I posted about my Hubs man crafting...and that special project I gave you a sneak peek of, well it was the making of a Zen Garden!

Straight from Wikipedia: The Japanese rock garden or "dry landscape" garden, often called a zen garden, creates a miniature stylized landscape through carefully composed arrangements of rocks, water features, moss, pruned trees and bushes, and uses gravel or sand that is raked to represent ripples in water. Our garden is not very complicated or complex, but it is still fun.

Here are some pictures of the Hubs and Widget making mini rakes.
You can click on the collages to see them larger.

We used a pencil to mark where we wanted to cut the wood dowels, drilled some small holes, then cut the lengths we needed to assemble our mini rakes.
Another shot of the Hubs makes me smile just thinking looking at it!
And here are the rakes. These were actually supposed to be the 'trial rakes' (that's why the pencil marks and price stick have not yet been removed) but we've been too lazy a bit too distracted to make more. The Hubs still wants to make a wider rake...we'll see if it happens in the near future (*wink *wink).
We picked up a 4 in. H x 24 in. W Classic White Deluxe Drawer Kit  from Home Depot. Assembly is required, but you can choose to leave the drawer face and slides off. You could also build a box from scratch...but since we are in Puerto Rico-away from all our tools-we used what we could get our hands on.

The Hubs put the box together, then caulked all the seams so no sand could leak out.

The only thing with using a pre-made drawer are the pre-drilled holes to attach the drawer face to the box. No worries, just caulk the holes too.

After all the caulk dries, fill your drawer with sand...our black sand came from multiple beach outings here:

And now the finished Zen Garden!

Rake your daily stress away with miniature rakes and smooth black sand. Or place the rocks strategically around the box to create a maze.

Move the sand around to make designs...even build a black sand volcano surrounded by black and white rocks. You can make one, too, and any box in any size would work fine...just make sure to seal all seams and fill with enough sand---our sand is approx 5/8" in depth if smoothed out evenly, but it's really up to you.

Have you ever had a Zen Garden, or something like it, at home or the office? Do you enjoy using it to meditate?

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