Monday, September 10, 2012

The Mane Event!

Last weekend, we had a church activity for the kids under the age of 12. Our ward gave a little presentation on Noah's Ark, so the leaders asked the kids to dress up like animals. The easiest thing, for me, was to make her look/feel like an animal without actually making much of a costume. That is when I figured out I could make Widget's hair look/feel like a pony's mane.

I used the tiny 'no tangle' elastics (in white and clear) to section out Widget's hair down the center of her head. After all her hair was pulled back into little pony tails, it gave the appearance of a long mane, which she could flip back and forth just like a pony :)

  I think this hairstyle would work great for Halloween...just think of how cool it would be to have a real mane with your horse costume, or spray each pony section with alternating black and white for a zebra, or rainbow colors for My Little Pony's Rainbow Dash (a favorite of my child's).
She was feeling pretty good about her hair; she even slept on it that night and wore her hair like this to our Sunday church meetings as well.

And this last week we've had a guest staying with us. His name is Josh, and he works with the when he comes to Puerto Rico to work, he usually stays with us. He is Widget's Hero...she gave him the title, and is always super excited to tell her grandparents when her Hero comes to visit. BTW-Josh is not related to us in any way-but Widget treats him just like an uncle, or her best friend.
And Widget just had to take a picture of my hair that day as well. Sorry about the major glare from my glasses and earrings, but I do think the picture turned out okay anyway. And, about the only reason I like makes my slightly curly hair look more curly and MORE AWESOME!

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