Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Half Up Boof with Double Braid Bun & Accessory Options

I gotta say that some times, I really love my hair! But then again, some times it drives me crazy. So, like most moms, I'm always looking for a way to add variety to my day-to-day hair...instead of pony-tails every day. While visiting Pinterest last week, I saw this lovely pin that lead to this tutorial....it got me thinking about hair 'boofs' in an up-do, so I tried one out.
I'm called this style Half Up Boof with Double Braid Bun...it's descriptive, and we all know how much I like descriptive titles...

So here is what I did:
  • I pulled up half of my hair (after using a dry shampoo on the roots of my crown to add volume--I will rat/backcomb my hair on occasion, but dry shampoo or root lifters are pretty awesome) and bobby pinned the boof in place-into something resembling a half-pony-tail.  
  • I then separated the bottom section of hair into two equal parts (or as close to equal as I could get) and braided them. 
  • My hair is not nearly as long as hers, so my braids barely reached the center of my forehead (instead of all the way over to the opposite ear). So I wrapped the braids around each other, just above the nape of my neck, and bobby pinned them in place to create a bun.
That's it! Kind of easy, right?!?

I liked the results (especially since my hair had been curly before starting), but it needed a little something...more, but what?

A Chocolate Bow? A Turquoise Flower? Or a Snow White Headband? I actually kind of liked all three, but I stuck with the Chocolate Bow...since I planned to hang around the house, and maybe run a few errands-nothing special planned for the day.

But I think this hairstyle can be worn for fancier occasions, too. So I added some accessories to show you what I might where out on a date, while wearing this hair style. The pictures on the right are more 'before the date' pictures :)

 This style does keep hair out of your face and off your neck (great for warmer weather) but is not stuck to your head like a traditional bun. Have you tried a boof in your hair before? I hope this gives you the push you might need to step out of your daily routine, and try something exciting new.

Happy Hair Styling!!! 

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