Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's Better Down Where it's Wet-er..

Widget has decided to be a little mermaid for Halloween, not to be confused with The Little Mermaid. I collected some awesome fabric to put the costume together, and I've been working on it (after bedtime, of course) for a few nights now. I wanted to show you a few pictures as the costume comes together :)

Have you/your children decided what you'll/they'll be for Halloween this year? Are you planning to make the costume(s)??? I enjoy making costumes or dress-ups because you can 'break' more rules on design and construction...I like to think outside the box :) I encourage you to try making all or part of your family's costume(s) this year---it can give you a great sense of accomplishment, and you get to show off your creation, too!

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