Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No Sea Shells Here

 I started with leftover tulle (from the fin) and cut long strips about 6" wide by the width of the tulle (or however long I could).
Then, I folded the strips in half and used elastic thread in bobbin to ruffle the layers of tulle (sewing up the cut edges, not the fold)
 Then sewed the ruffles one by one across the chest of the shirt.
 Folded shirt in half (with sleeves together)
 Measured where to make the first cut...(eye balling it because I'm kind of lazy)
 ...cut through both sleeves (as evenly as possible)
 I cut the cuff of the sleeve off to uses on the new shortened sleeves (both Widget and I love the lettuce edge on the sleeve and bottom of shirt)
 Flipped shirt inside-out, pin sleeve cuff into sleeve (outsides together)
I sewed layers together using elastic thread (again)

 When finished, the sleeves look like this (the actual color of the shirt is more true in the picture above, we had some crazy storms roll in and block the natural light)

 After the sleeves were sewn, I used Fabric Fusion to glue the trim down across the top row of ruffled tulle-similar to the fin/skirt.

And the full ensemble...now she can't wait to walk around the neighborhood :)


  1. She is cute little mermaid. It turned out really pretty. :)


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