Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Please excuse my...

I am beside myself...after writing a couple of posts, including a tutorial, my computer/blogger/whatever decided it didn't like me and spat in my face by way of 'un-saving' what I was about to publish :(
It started out by dropping my pictures-so I would have to re-add them 3-4 times...then when ever I moved my mouse over wording, it would move and/or change/delete things. Ugh! This is so frustrating (stomping my feet like my 4 yr-old).

Things I will be working on as soon as this nonsense subsides:

-Mermaid Fin/Tail Tutorial
-Mermaid Top and Headband
-Losing My Mind
-Final Halloween Decor
-Packing My Suitcase(s)
-Fingerless Gloves for Me
-Impromptu Family Picture Editing

-Hemming Jeans
-Traveling Back to MO
-My Cousin's Wedding/Open House
-Doll Clothing 
-Handmade Christmas Presents
-Finding a Replacement Computer

Okay, so if this post looks strange to you, just know it wasn't me :(
Hopefully I can get things working correctly soon, since I leave town tomorrow and probably cannot take my laptop with me (because it no longer closes). 
And Thank You for your love and support for me and my little blog!

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