Thursday, October 18, 2012

Third Thursdays with Tash: Going Batty

 Hey Readers, Tash here!
I love Halloween!  If Christmas didn’t exist, Halloween would be my all time favorite holiday.  Why?  Because any holiday that allows me to dress up in a costume, make my home look haunted, encourages me to meet my nice candy-giving neighbors, eat lots of chocolate and not feel guilty about an awesome holiday! 
This year decorations hit a small snag.  As I was decorating the piano with eye balls and spiders, I leaned on the keys and heard a familiar squeak.  Our poor old piano has had many squeaky keys that my hubby keeps repairing.  So I thought I would be nice and find the squeaky key for him.  Turns out there were many squeaks, not just from the piano...

Hopefully I can get the exterminator to come by soon ;)



  1. That's super cute. Love the film reel!

    1. Thanks! I can't take all the credit, supporter edited my pictures and Ashley turned it into the film reel.

      ~ Tasha

    2. Oops! My supporter is Spencer. Who does support me in many ways. ;)

  2. That is hilarious!
    You are so talented!
    What a blast!



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