Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cheap and Easy Advent Idea

So, how was your last weekend? Did you brave the Black Friday crowds? Did you get over your turkey hang-over? Take advantage (maybe a little too much) of the Cyber Monday sales? I'm only slightly sad to say I did not go shopping on Black Friday (unless you count picking up prescriptions and getting blood drawn). And, I spent very little money for Christmas over the weekend (already made most of our purchases earlier in November). But we did work on some Christmas projects (that I hope to show you more of this week).

Since we are headed back to the States the second week of December, I planned to make an advent calendar specifically to count-down to our departure date (instead of Christmas). I wanted it to be simple, not too time consuming...and cheap.

I have this thing about saving toilet paper tubes, I know it's a little strange (since it's almost an obsession)---and last year's advent calendar was also made from tp rolls. Anyway, I grabbed what tubes I had on hand already and a few other supplies. If you would like to try this project, see the list of supplies I used below. These would also be great to fill with candy for your neighbors, or for students you teach (school, church, etc.) or to set out for your postman/woman...

What I used:
-toilet paper tubes
-patterned scrapbook paper
-glue stick
-black felt tip marker (or number stickers would work as well)
-black ink pad (I used a small scrapbook stamp pad)

 I started by cutting paper strips about 1" wide by 6" long, then glued the strips to the tube using a glue stick. Then I stapled the top of the tube shut (stapling over the paper strip).
I drew the numbers on the tubes by hand using a special felt tip marker bought near the scrapbook supplies (I don't remember the specific store, but probably in Utah awhile ago). Stickers would also work well if you don't want to look at your lovely handwriting all month long...or vinyl cut with a cricut/silhouette machine. Then I took smaller scraps of the patterned paper and wrote festive activities on them, folded the scrap paper, dropped it inside the tube, then stapled the other end shut (creasing the tube the opposite direction from the first end of the tube).

 Then keep going until you reach the desired amount of tubes (like 24 as a count-down to Christmas, etc.).

 Once all the tubes were sealed, I used the black ink pad and smudged up the ends and creases. I think this step gives the tubes a little more character...and helps the project look less like toilet paper tubes :)

Here are the finished tubes waiting to start the count-down.

And because I like to hear other's ideas for this sort of thing, here are a few of the festive activities I wrote on the pieces of paper:

-learn and sing a Christmas song
-make cookies
-color a picture of Jesus
-write a letter to Santa
-make a gingerbread house
-draw  picture for Grandma
-watch a Christmas movie/show
-pack suitcase (included because this is an advent to count-down to when we leave PR for KS and visit Grandma and Grandpa)
-wrap a present
-make a present
-read scripture story about Jesus' birth (New Testament)
-read scripture story about the signs of Christ's birth (Book of Mormon)

Okay, now I'm getting excited for Christmas...good thing there is only a few more days until December ;) Thanks for reading!

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