Friday, November 2, 2012

Faithful Friday: Our Family

 Happy Friday Y'all! I hope your Halloween was super fun and safe. Widget enjoyed her time trick-or-treating, and even though her bag of loot was not the most impressive I've seen-it was plenty of candy to keep her content.

Now that we have started the month of November, most of us have started thinking about what we are thankful for...and some have even started making lists (in journals, post-it on the fridge, or on Facebook, etc.). I've been a bit lazy, and not taken the time to write much down, but I have been making a mental list of all the wonderful people, experiences, and things that have influenced and blessed my life.

 The most influential/special person in my life is my wonderful, handsome Hubby (...and a close second would be the Widget). My Hubs is loving, supportive, realistic but hopeful, and many other endearing qualities that have enhanced my life as an individual, a daughter, sister, wife, and especially as a mother. He has an amazing testimony of Jesus Christ, and a willingness to serve where he is needed. He also listens to my frustrations, and only offers advice when necessary...even though he may say things that I do not want to hear, it is usually what I need to hear, and I am very grateful that he is strong enough to say what needs to be said (or communicated). He loves and cherishes me, in his own way, and makes me feel special.

Widget has been a sweet spark in our lives, bringing energy and a fresh perspective to the table each day. Sometimes it feels like we were 'handed' a bundle of pure energy rather than a bundle of joy, but she is still an amazing gift from God to the both of us. Regularly, she is stubborn and a bit selfish, but she can be the most helpful and the most thoughtful little person, too. Her smile can brighten any room, and her little voice can tell the most beautiful and intricate stories. She is a goof, and a stinker...but she will always be a beautiful daughter of her Heavenly Father no matter what, and I am so very grateful to be apart of her life.

I still struggle waiting for the next bundle of pure energy to grace our lives, and since surgery, I worry and stress even more than usual. I still would love to be entrusted with more little souls from my Heavenly Father, but I realize that things will happen on His time, not my own....but saying something will happen eventually does not make it an easier wait. I know I am loved, and I have a testimony of God and His plan for me, but I am still imperfect and forget to not lean on my own understanding and knowledge. I am indeed grateful for the Lord's insight of my needs and wants, and His graciousness to bless me daily with the things I truly need (especially emotionally).

So this November, I hope to take a few minutes each day to thank my Heavenly Father for all the many many blessings I have been given, and to also thank those around me for their love, service and smiles.

What about you-how are you celebrating Thanksgiving, besides a feast? Does your family have any traditions that last the entire month? Or specific activities to instill an attitude of gratitude in your home?

Have a good weekend!

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  1. What a sweet post! Thanks for sharing so much of your heart! God does always have a plan...even when we can't see it. I can certainly testify to that. :)


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