Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hemming Jeans Using Existing Hem: Tips and Tricks

So there are a number of tutorials floating around on the subject of hemming jeans...particularly the tutorials that keep the existing hem (so it doesn't look like you've actually shortened the pants yourself). If you have no idea what I'm talking about, or need a refresher, check out these lovely tutorials on the matter: Sew Much Ado, Make it and Love it, or this Youtube video.

 Well, I'm not going to re-invent the wheel, but I thought I'd share with you a few of my tips and tricks:

  •  Using a zipper foot lets you get nice and close to the existing seam (of the existing hem). I also move my needle all the way to the left while using my zipper foot (pictured) while hemming jeans. The closer your stitch is to the original, the less noticeable it is once you flip your 'cuff' to the inside.
  • If you have tried to hem jeans that are not a perfectly straight leg (for instance a pair of bootcut, flare, etc.) or you are shortening jeans more than 3 inches,  you may have noticed that you have extra fabric...meaning the circumference of the existing hem is greater than the circumference of your 'new' hem. I like to take a little pinch on both side seams (inseam and out seam), placing your new stitch right over the existing side seam (to camouflage your handiwork). I'm lazy, so I don't even change my presser foot back to the standard foot for this, I just use the zipper foot. (and I even left my needle in the far left position (pictured) as well...I told you I am lazy)
  • You can hand sew the excess fabric (or 'cuff') up into the pant leg, or be lazy like me, and put a running stitch down the side seams straight through your added seam. As you can see, I kept the zipper foot on and the needle as far left as possible so I could hide the stitch near the fold of the side seam. I also like to tack the front and back of the 'cuff' to the pant leg as well (not pictured), but I use either a darning stitch or a tight straight stitch (and make use of the back stitch feature) in strategic spots, so my foot doesn't get caught in the 'cuff' when putting the pants on...or the extra fabric in the back doesn't drop/slide under my heels when I'm walking.

Okay y'all, those are my special tips and tricks to easily hem jeans while using the existing hem. If you have any extra pointers, feel free to comment below-I'd love to add your ideas to this post as a reference guide :)

Happy Sewing!!!

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  1. Thanks I will book mark this page for when I finally get around to hemming my jeans (I am lazy too :-)


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