Monday, November 12, 2012

What I've been up to....

So, I have once again slacked on my blogging skills to catch up with the rest of my life...sigh. And I fear my posts may be a little less regular as we approach the fantastically frantic time frame we call Holiday Season because I've made plans to make a number of gifts this year (like every year I guess, but I'm sticking to it this year!). And, since all of your lives are getting busier as well, I hope you wont mind :)

Since it's been a few days and a weekend from my last post, I'd like to catch you up on what's been happening to me and my family....

 Widget thought it would be funny to add the Cat, the Dog, and the Cow to our Halloween moon Hey Diddle, Diddle! (the nursery rhyme). Get it? They're jumping over the moon!
Here is a close-up of the Cow...with the udder and everything!

 I started babysitting part-time to help a friend out, this little girlie loves birdies :)

 My computer has been on it's last leg for, well, months we finally took the plunge into the world of tablets. I'm excited for my Surface tablet (I wish I was paid to say that, but sadly I am not), but I have not been as thrilled with the software (Microsoft 8). The app store is slowly adding new apps, but I have yet to find a good one for blogger, GFC/reader, etc. If you have any faves, I'd love to have the information. I struggle waiting for things to happen (understatement of the year), but I do realize that when you buy something 'brand new' in the market, things like apps have to play catch up. Check me off as just joined the retro game of Waiting....everybody's doing it

Last Friday afternoon, I was working on a paper piecing (sewing) project...for a Christmas gift (that is why the project is not also pictured) and I had a little mishap...well, really it was a big, bloody (not cussing, actual blood), tear-filled blunder. Let's just say my rotary cutter and my left index finger had an excruciating battle, and the rotary cutter stood victorious. (Just be glad you don't get to see the picture I texted to my Hubs shortly after the occurrence...not pretty.)
But my finger sported a lovely duct tape ensemble until Saturday night, then changed into something a little more comfortable and a regular ol' finger bandage. We (my finger, pride and I) are on the long road to recovery but everything looks like it will heal well-ish.

And since I couldn't get my newly damaged finger wet, I sat outside the pool on Saturday taking pictures and videos of Widget overcoming her fear of jumping into the water. The most helpful thing for her? Using a snorkel mask (minus the snorkel/mouth piece) so she didn't have to remember to plug her nose every time. Worked wonders!

So peeps, what have you been up to?


  1. ah, swimming in November...

    and this is my third try at word verification to leave this comment - why are those so hard?!

  2. ouuuuch! not supposed to get your finger in the way of those things, they're brutal. I hope you get better in time to work on some of your projects


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