Monday, February 27, 2012

Waterfall Braid

I was reading I Am Momma-Hear Me Roar a few days ago, and I thought to myself: "Self. I should practice this awesome braid on my child...I mean, she has the long hair." So, I asked Widget if she'd like me to braid her hair...she obliged.

 Keep in mind that this is my first try at a waterfall braid-and I didn't know how to 'end' it, so I created a little braid bun using mini bobby pins.
 A few more pictures to show off her hair before I cut it :)
The last picture was actually taken by Widget with the camera she is actually holding...she's getting better at her picture taking skills...unless you count this one:

The Southern Institute
Let Birds Fly

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Double Braids

I saw this tutorial from The Letter 4 for Nae's "How's it hangin' braid." I tried it a couple of times in my own hair, just like she shows...but mine didn't look quite as good. But I wanted to try a few different braids in Widget's hair since it's long and I can see the back of her head (unlike my own). I figured a braid around the front of her head would be bothersome for Widge, so I decided to go around the back.

 I had just given Widget a hair cut the day before this hair-do, and you can tell there are shorter pieces sticking out from the braid near the right side of her head. But overall I thought it was really pretty. 

Do you know what Widget said? "I need TWO braids, Mommy...why don't I have two braids (said while holding up two fingers in a 'peace' sign)." I told her I can give her a second braid if she held really still while Mommy fixed her hair. It was a bit of a battle, but we finally got two braids...see:

After finishing the second braid, she then proceeded to tell me how THREE braids would be better-er (a very Widget thing to say). I decided I had enough fighting struggling with her wiggly nature to put another braid in her hair. BUT, I would take pictures of her 'new hair' if she smiled...
 A close-up of the two braids...using the 'one sided' french braid technique for both braids (you only add hair on one side of the french braid).
 Such a happy face :)

 Mommy is all done! Yay!!!

Have you tried any 'new' or fun hair styles lately???
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Faithful Friday

I hope your week has been productive-mine was, maybe not quite how I hoped it would be but still good.

I had a church activity last night, that I helped plan, which also did not turn out like I expected…we were going to have a guest speaker (who was once an undercover cop) speak to us about protection against identity theft but he came down with the flu. We had also scheduled a lady from our ward to talk about protecting our spiritual identity. She gladly took up more time (to fill the meeting), then we served vanilla ice-cream and 'thumb print' cookies with multiple options for filling/topping.

The lady who spoke last night shared a handful of profound thoughts on the subject of FAITH- and one stuck with me particularly: "...the Lord will never remove our burdens (trials), but he can make them light." I believe this to true in my life.

Obviously I didn't want to go through an ectopic pregnancy or surgery; however, my Heavenly Father would never spare me from growing as an individual or from strengthening my testimony of our Savior. The Lord did 'lighten' my emotional burden-once I let Him-and gave me several tender mercies since that experience. I now feel the load, that was once weighing me down to the point of almost not functioning in society or at home, being lifted. This has given me a sense of peace and comfort from day to day, and gratitude for what I DO have and those I have to love.

I often wonder what makes us try to do things without guidance or support from our Father in Heaven…most likely pride-we feel the need to try/do things on our own, to show our independence. But we fall prey to depression and loss of our true potential-if we do not have trust and faith in the Lord, then we are setting ourselves up to fail.

I am grateful for the opportunity to know my Heavenly Father and to have faith in my life. It has made me a better spouse, parent, friend and person because I have been given a wonderful example through Jesus Christ, our Savior, and if I follow His example and utilize the vast blessings I have been given, I can return to live with God again. This testimony means a lot to me, and I enjoy teaching my daughter about my faith as well.

And, because I don't want to leave you without a picture…here is a sneak peek at an up coming post. Can you guess what I'm going to show y'all?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Under Table City

Z came over to play with Widget the other day, and he brought a bunch of cars and foam block/animals too. The kids asked me to create roads like I did before (this post), but I couldn't find my trusty roll of I improvised!
 Out came the good 'ole painter's tape...this time in blue :)

And since I expected it to be out for awhile, I decided to locate this tiny city under out dinning table.
As you can see there are no lines on the road...because traffic laws have not yet been established :)
However, there is one stop light in the entire area...and it just happens to be the only 4-way intersection.
A view of the city from across the kitchen.
I put these together during nap time-it was quite enjoyable, as you can probably tell by my details.

I really had fun with all the details, and having peace and quiet while taking pictures.

The kids were excited once they got up from their naps, but it didn't take long for them to lose interest...and then when the kids gained back their interest, it was time to start picking up Z's toys. And, Widget took that as a sign for total destruction-which means that the city I beautiful city lasted a total of 2.5 hours with a max of 25 minutes play time (not including my own). The kitchen is left with my 'farm' area and the outer tape square...that is all.

Oh well, I guess I am still the adult and shouldn't feel bad for the 'loss'...I mean, I did get some awesome playtime alone with this amazing city. I guess it was well worth my time---if only for me :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Faithful Friday

So this week has been very very interesting. I had my post-op appointment at the beginning of this week and found out a few more details from my surgery...not necessarily good but I can be okay with it now, but I would have buckled (fallen apart emotionally) if told the information right after surgery...or even a week ago.

It is truly a tender mercy from the Lord to have had such information given to me at the right time in my life. I am very grateful for the time frame that things have happened to me, throughout my life...I didn't say I was happy with the news of my surgery, or every other experience I've been through.

But I can happily say I like myself and appreciate every experience in my life that made me who I am today.

Can I be a better ME, Oh.yes.I.can! But it's a process for sure. A long and painful process...a glorious and beautiful process that we have been given-a gift from our Father in Heaven.

I know you are probably wondering what my news was...and with out giving you too much information or awkwardness I will tell you: I can still have children-surgery did not severely hinder my ability to be able to get pregnant. And I am healthy, although still recovering, and my quality of life is the same as before...maybe even better because through this trial I have found a stronger faith and love of my Savior and Father in Heaven.

I am also grateful for my stalkers/followers and anyone who is willing to read my blog for inspiration of any kind. You all rock my world!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Large Pearl Earrings

I know the title says it all...but these really are Large Pearl Earrings.
The pearls are about the size of my thumb nail (which isn't the largest thumb nail in the my knowledge...but still large for a pearl). These are faux pearls and are slightly heavier than they look, but I love the way these earrings turned out. The pearls have a slight tan-ish/pinkish hue, almost like 'ballet pink.' It's a real color, I promise :)

I made these while in California visiting my Sis-in-law Tash---actually I made two for me and one for her. That's fair, right? We both wore them to church (which we went to together) and a number of ladies asked if we were best friends since we had the same earrings...haha---I have not had someone ask me that questions because of clothing/accessories since I was in Elementary school...when it was super fun to be 'twins' with your outfits.

Anyway, I don't have the step-by-step instructions for you, but I do have a list of supplies needed. If you would like a full tutorial, leave me a comment below. I'd be happy to make another pair and take lots of pictures :)
Would you wear these earrings? 
Or other pearl earrings made with pearls of a large size?
Should a put a few in my Etsy shop?