Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No Sea Shells Here

 I started with leftover tulle (from the fin) and cut long strips about 6" wide by the width of the tulle (or however long I could).
Then, I folded the strips in half and used elastic thread in bobbin to ruffle the layers of tulle (sewing up the cut edges, not the fold)
 Then sewed the ruffles one by one across the chest of the shirt.
 Folded shirt in half (with sleeves together)
 Measured where to make the first cut...(eye balling it because I'm kind of lazy)
 ...cut through both sleeves (as evenly as possible)
 I cut the cuff of the sleeve off to uses on the new shortened sleeves (both Widget and I love the lettuce edge on the sleeve and bottom of shirt)
 Flipped shirt inside-out, pin sleeve cuff into sleeve (outsides together)
I sewed layers together using elastic thread (again)

 When finished, the sleeves look like this (the actual color of the shirt is more true in the picture above, we had some crazy storms roll in and block the natural light)

 After the sleeves were sewn, I used Fabric Fusion to glue the trim down across the top row of ruffled tulle-similar to the fin/skirt.

And the full ensemble...now she can't wait to walk around the neighborhood :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Now We are Ready...

Because I've been away from home the last couple of days, I asked the Hubs (and Widget) to create the last touches for our Halloween decorations. (Pic #1)

I finally found some colorful rubber snakes to add to the second 'potion' bottle...(pic #2)

And I covered the canvas picture (on the wall above the table) with black tissue paper. The Hubs was assigned to help Widget create a moon to hang on the black paper. Although it took longer than expected for him to start the project, he (and Widge) did an awesome job. So, this will be the view from the front door for all the Trick-or-Treaters to see (pic #3)

How about you, is all your Halloween decorations done/up/out???

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Faithful Friday

I'm visiting MO to attend my cousin's wedding open house, and happily taking the opportunity to see friends and catch up with some of my (Utah) family. Once again, I am struggling with computer issues...so instead of all the posts I was working on posting while I am away, I will be working on them from my phone (did I mention my laptop no longer closes, thus making it impossible to travel with?).

But I did want to share one of the Lord's creations I've experienced recently.

May you be blessed to see the beauty in all things, big or small, and share joy with those you love.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Please excuse my...

I am beside myself...after writing a couple of posts, including a tutorial, my computer/blogger/whatever decided it didn't like me and spat in my face by way of 'un-saving' what I was about to publish :(
It started out by dropping my pictures-so I would have to re-add them 3-4 times...then when ever I moved my mouse over wording, it would move and/or change/delete things. Ugh! This is so frustrating (stomping my feet like my 4 yr-old).

Things I will be working on as soon as this nonsense subsides:

-Mermaid Fin/Tail Tutorial
-Mermaid Top and Headband
-Losing My Mind
-Final Halloween Decor
-Packing My Suitcase(s)
-Fingerless Gloves for Me
-Impromptu Family Picture Editing

-Hemming Jeans
-Traveling Back to MO
-My Cousin's Wedding/Open House
-Doll Clothing 
-Handmade Christmas Presents
-Finding a Replacement Computer

Okay, so if this post looks strange to you, just know it wasn't me :(
Hopefully I can get things working correctly soon, since I leave town tomorrow and probably cannot take my laptop with me (because it no longer closes). 
And Thank You for your love and support for me and my little blog!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finally Finished the {Mermaid} Fin

Remember this post about some fabulous fingerless gloves I made? Actually, I made two sets: one pair for my niece (pictured on my hand) and one pair for Widget...to go with her Halloween costume.

Well, I also made the Mermaid Fin/Tail from ruffle fabric (that a friend of mine bought at HobLob-then brought it with him on the plane). This skirt/tail was actually really easy to make, and pretty quick to whip up for a costume.

Here is what I did:
-measure child's waist, then added 6" (ex: 21"+6"=27")
-measure child's height from the waist to the floor (I don't remember Widget's measurement for this)
-cut ruffle fabric (make sure the ruffles are running horizontal to the waist measurement) (ex: 27"x?")

-pin the sides together...easiest way to keep the ruffles all running the same way (and lying flat) is to put a pin on every row of ruffles
-sew up the side seam (I used a zigzag stitch because the fabric is stretchy
-then flip the fabric right-side-out

-wrap elastic (for waist band) around child's waist for measurement...you can use your previous measurement, but I find that different elastics stretch differently.
-cut elastic the width needed, then sew the ends together
-attach waist band to skirt (with band seam on inside of fabric)...I use this technique, and it works well. You wont have as big of a difference between the width of the fabric and the waist band as the tutorial, so it's even easier to stretch-and-sew

-now you have a skirt...I tucked the elastic waist band into the skirt so it wouldn't show, and it also means she can probably wear this skirt next year because I now can add 3-4" in length by just unrolling the waist band.

-cut tulle into circles (my circles are about a 18" diameter, you can do larger for a larger size costume)...I used my handy dandy cardboard tabletop, and since tulle is see-though I could cut following the line on the board.
-separate tulle circles into two even groups. I used 3 colors of tulle and ended up with 8 or 9 circles in each group. Arrange colors in the same order for both groups (ex: 2 glitter blue, 4 lavender, 2 turquoise).
-fold a group of tulle circles in half, then make a running stitch down the fold (close to the fold, but make sure to catch all layers) thus creating 1/2 circles. Repeat with other group of tulle circles
-pull bobbin thread to gather tulle 1/2 circles. Pull thread gently so as not to snap the thread, if that happens you will need to make a new stitch. How tightly you gather your 1/2 circles depends on your taste and how big your skirt is. (I gathered my 1/2 circles too tightly-pictured-then had to space it back out to fit the skirt)
 -try skirt on child decide how high or low you will need to attach the tulle (also mark the sides of the skirt, I used my seam as one side so the opposite side was easier to find)
-mark the middle of each tulle 1/2 circle, then line it up with the side of the skirt. Remember to place the middle of the tulle higher than the bottom of the skirt. When you attach the tulle, you will slope it downward, creating the 'fin' look.
-find the middle of both the front and back of skirt. Pin tulle on sides of skirt, then pin tulle sloping downward to match the 'corner' of the tulle with the center of the front. Repeat for other side, then flip skirt over and repeat with the other two 'corners' of the tulle.
-once the tulle is all pinned, run a zigzag stitch to attach the tulle onto the skirt...be careful not to catch any other fabric in your seam, like I caught the bottom edge of the opposite tulle circles in part of my seam. My mini scissors were my best friend at the time, as we worked together to remove many a seam (slowly so as not to rip the delicate fabric).

I found some awesome trim at a craft store here in Puerto Rico, which is what I used to pick the colors for the entire costume.
-glue the trim onto top part of fin (sewn edge of tulle) to hide the zigzag seam. I used Fabric Fusion (because it was the fabric glue available at Walmart). The glue works well, but definitely let it dry for the suggested time frame (2-4 hours). I pinned the trim down, after setting it on the tulle, so it wouldn't move before the glue set.
-once glue is dry, take pins out. Step back and admire your work (stepping back is optional, but admiring your work is required)

-let child try on completed skirt/fin/tail, note their smile and excitement
Sorry about this pic...it was taken with my phone, so I wouldn't miss this smile :)

This process was really easy, and fun to do...if you want or need to make a mermaid fin, do it! Just jump in and make one...I think you'll enjoy it. And, the finished product will always be fun (come on! who doesn't dream of being a mermaid at some time or another???).

Thanks for reading :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Posts: Ideas for Decor, Treats & Costumes

I hope your weekend was fabulous...and that your kids have now decided on a specific Halloween costume for the year (or is mine the only child who can't decide, even up to the night of Trick-or-Treating?). 

Anyway, because I know you may still be prepping your house, you menus and your kids for Halloween, I put all my Halloween themed posts in one easy list. Below are all the decor, treat, and costume ideas that have been posted on my blog...ever! To take a look, just click on the link below the pictures to visit the original post....
I hope you find something that inspires you!



Hair and Costumes:



Friday, October 19, 2012

Faithful Friday

Okay, so I actually feel like this post should be called 'Failed Friday'...it's just been one of those weeks. And to top it all off, I'm feeling a bit under-the-weather, which makes me even less motivated.

Since I've been struggling (emotionally and physically) this week, I thought a few uplifting words would be appropriate...

Free Printable (for personal use) at Live Laugh Rowe

 And, now a few words just to make you laugh:

I found most of these other 'quotes' on Pinterest (search funny quotes)...but a few are from my bro-in-law's facebook page

Happy Friday ya'll...Hope you have a fun-tastic weekend :)