Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I've been sew busy...

Yep-I've been sewing! And it feels wonderful! I heard angels singing along with the lullaby hum of my lovely machine, who seemed to grin as I sat to face her. And, then I ran out of steam...

...but not until I finished a Valentines outfit for Widget and a skirt for me. So, my day was a success…before I pushed that little black button of death on my machine (is your power button black, too?)

I'm not ready to show you everything, but I'd love to give you a little peek:

Yes, Widget's Valentines outfit is zebra print and teal---what else did you expect? Pink?
Okay, pink would be a good color, but she has requested black/white and rainbow projects recently.....and since black & white are my two favorite colors (or non-colors, really), how could I resist starting that project first :)
And things are still bit slow around here, I'm sorry to say; but I am working on some specific projects for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for your readership and awesome support!


  1. black and white and teal is NEVER a bad color combination - and who assigned only red and pink to Vday, I laugh in the face of such 'rules' hahahahahaha ;op


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