Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Heart Throb

Here are the final pictures of Widget's Zebra Heart Throb Ensemble...and a picture overload!

 Full outfit...I didn't know how short to cut the ruffle fabric, so I left the skirt the length of the original piece of fabric, and Widget really likes the longer length.

 Widget likes to 'test' the water in the pool whenever we are there without our swimsuit on...

 And despite her silly face, Widget just wanted to tell  you that she {hearts} her Zebra Heart Throb ensemble :)
 And the ruffle on the sleeve adds even more character to the shirt and helps tie everything together.
 Just so excited!
 Another message...
 Oh yeah...
You Rock!


  1. That is adorable! I'm so jealous too! It's snowing here....

  2. Love the heart details on the shirt!

  3. So cute! Love and miss you guys so much!

  4. How did you like sewing with that skirt fabric? My sisters have used it, but I never have. Did you have to serge it? or were you able to do all of the work with a sewing machine? The colors are so fun and bright, and unexpected for valentines day. But that is what makes it so fun. Great Job Momma!
    with love

  5. Very cute and I like the different color combinations than your typical Valentine's colors


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