Thursday, January 17, 2013

Third Thursday with Tash: Themed Baby Quilts

Hello everybody!  I hope your holidays were wonderful. 
During Christmas break Ashley and I decided to take over our mom-in-law’s sewing room and soak up the magic.  That was where this little quilt began.   
It’s a raw edge circle quilt for my neighbor and his wife.  Tom and Becky are having a little girl any day now, she might even be here!  When I asked them if they have a color or theme, they said Minnie Mouse.  Instantly I knew I had to make this style of quilt.  The raw edge gives the baby something to touch and play with, as well as sleep under. 
I’ve never made anything with a raw edge before.  Let’s just say, after the first washing I learned a lot. If you use higher quality fabrics, and a seam allowance greater than a quarter inch, the smaller circles will stand the test of the washer.  Craft and learn, right?  J
This quilt I named The Orange Quilt.  It’s the opposite of the circle quilt:  Rectangles, not circles.  White, not black.  Clean instead of scrappy.  The colors are simply arranged, instead of stacked.  Less fabric, verses as many as possible.  More bold than cute. 
It was made for a couple my husband, Spencer, and I are friends with.  When I asked them if they had a color they were like, they said, “ORANGE!…and green and blue.”  They also decided to not know the gender of their baby until it was born.  With their color scheme I thought for sure they were having a boy.  Still I worked hard to not make it too boyish, just in case.  Glad I went through the effort, because they had a girl. 
This last one I was ever so excited to make.  An old friend, from my swing dancing days, and her hubby were having their first baby.  You guessed it, I also asked her if she had a color in mind, or theme, or both.  They were painting their baby girl’s room yellow and gray, but said I could do pink if I wanted.  Nope! I was itching for an excuse to make a yellow and gray quilt.  It is a popular color combo that I really like.  I almost cried when I mailed the quilt, because I wanted to keep it for myself.  Fortunately I can always make another one.  ;)
Thanks for drooling over my themed baby quilts :) See you next month!


  1. Wow! Those are fabulous! I love them! Your blog is new to me and I really like it! Happy to be following you via GFC and looking forward to more!

  2. I love those quilts! And such variety - awesome!


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