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Lovely Peplum Top for Girls

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A Lovely Peplum Top for Girls
As I mentioned in my Things I'm Loving: Kids Edition post, I was asked to be a pattern test for a new peplum pattern from Popolok Designs. The sweetheart, Alviana (from Sewn By Alviana), emailed me because she found my little blog and noticed I like to sew things for Widget. She asked if I'd be willing to test the Cece Top and Dress pattern (now released here and here)...and of course I jumped for joy :)
I jumped with joy for two reasons: I am very flattered and honored to have been asked to be a pattern tester (vs. me requesting or applying) and my little blog caught someone's attention-I mean...she called my blog lovely (a word I use on a regular basis).
Nearly four weeks later, and I'm still jumping :)
Anyway, I gave a few sneak peeks (Pattern Testing and a Plea) of the fabric I was using and (Happy Valentine's Day) of the final photo shoot. Widget loves her new Cece top, especially since it was specially made for her and it looks a bit fancy (also a word I use on a regular basis).
All pattern testers were given exactly two weeks to finish the garment, fill out a survey, and submit pictures of our garments. I went on vacation for most of the first week, so I planned to work faster than my normal speed to meet the deadline-turns out the top took less time than I thought, and it is very lovely! (see, there I go using that word...)

The Cece pattern has a top/shirt or dress option...both with a sweet peplum ruffle (which is popular right now). Besides choosing between a top or dress, you can also decide if the bodice will be sleeve-less or have short sleeves, and to add a 'peter-pan' collar or no collar. This pattern really is versatile.

The bodice itself is a great pattern to have. Instructions are given for a full lining (including sleeves) and how to add an invisible zipper (with seams enclosed in the lining).  The instructions were very easy to follow, especially with the step-by-step colored pictures included. This was my first attempt at adding a lining to a garment (and an invisible zipper with a lining), and I felt fairly confident in my project because the instructions explained the process simply and effectively. Sizes 1-8 are included in the pattern and it was easy to print and put together.

Since my daughter is a size 4/5 in ready-to-wear, I decided the size 5 pattern was a good size to use. However, it was a bit too short in length (like most patterns). She has a slightly narrow frame so I did not want to go up another pattern size just for length. I also think that the waist could be taken in a smidge to give the top a more fitted look, but that is more of a personal preference.

I did make a few alterations (as mentioned before). Widget is pretty long and narrow, so I lengthened the peplum ruffle. I used the size 5 peplum pattern (circumference) but used the size 8 length (waist to hem). I added length to the peplum ruffle because I had already cut the bodice out of my fabric, and did not have extra fabric to play with. I also varied my seam allowance to give a little extra room across the shoulders/chest and less room around the waist.
To finish the hem, I zigzag stitched the raw edges then glued a satin ribbon onto the edge (overlapping approximately 1/4") using Fabric Fusion. This helped me maintain length with the fabric and add more length with the ribbon.
Overall, I enjoyed working with this pattern.
And, I had to take a ton of pictures...I had one necklace in mind for the photo shoot, Widget wanted all three (did you notice the pearls, the large black/white 'Wilma Flintstone' style necklace, and the pink rolled roses?).....and the clouds kept moving so the soft light turned harsh a number of times.
But, here are a few more shots, because I couldn't pick just 3 or 4...
Attitude much???
I allowed her to bring the dog, you know, as a sort-of motivational tool...but then the dog turned into fuzzy slippers (seriously, look at the first picture again *below*, does it not look like she is wearing slippers? Thanks mom for pointing that out :) ) and the dog accidentally 'jumped' into the pool (which actually meant mom had to carry the dog for half the photo shoot so Widget's shirt would not get wet). Grrrr...children! (let the eye-rolling commence).
To re-cap:
  • The pattern was lovely to work with.
  • I love the opportunity to create and share things with ya'll (you lovely stalkers, you)!
  • Stuffed animals are not safe around swimming pools.
  • Black furry dogs look like slippers (when dry).
  • Widget pulls goofy faces all. the. time.
  • I said lovely a total of 7 times in this post (including the title).
  • I hope to be a pattern tester in the future -it was incredibly fun!
  • This post just slid down the slope called 'Long and Rambly.'

Thanks for stickin' with me!


  1. turned out really cute - that fabric was a perfect choice!

  2. Thank you Ashley! Your Cece Top is very LOVELY indeed! ;)
    Your fabric choice is very classy, and i love all the 3 necklace which compliment perfectly with the top. I thought the dog is her cute footwear too.. haha.. Anyway, thank you so much for testing for us. You should join more pattern testing including other designers too. :)

  3. This top is SO cute! Wish I had a little girl!!

    Stopping by from WKWW

  4. Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday over at www.SugarBeeCrafts.com - you were featured today! TWICE
    --Mandy, Sugar Bee Crafts

  5. You did a great job. Peplum is on my list of to-dos.

    I'd love if you shared this at my Show & Tell party this week. http://www.gingerlymade.com/2013/02/show-tell-15.html

  6. Super cute. Pretty sure I'm pinning it! I'd love for you to check out our Pattern Party. Only those with free patterns to share are invited to link up.

  7. She looks so darling! What a cute top. Way impressed Ashley. Thanks for linking up!



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