Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pattern Testing and a Plea

Yesterday and today, I've been a busy bee behind my sewing machine. I mentioned last week that I'm testing a pattern for Popolok Design-and the due date is the end of this week...YIKES! It's a good thing I do okay with deadlines :)

I chose a pretty slate polka dot fabric (I had brought from the states) as the main fabric of the peplum top. My neighbor (here in Puerto Rico) told her mother that I liked to sew, so her mom sent me a couple different yards of fabric-one of which I used as a coordinated lining. I am currently working on finishing the hem and adding the invisible zipper (eek), but I thought I'd share a few pics with you of the earlier progress:

 Sorry about the lighting, a storm sat over our area for the entire morning...which means my natural light was very limited.

Here you can see the pretty slate polka dot (main) fabric and the white/yellow/gray (lining) fabric.

What do you think? I'm excited to have Widget pair this top with her purple skinny jeans or black pants...or maybe a black A-line skirt :) She'll look so chic! For a almost 5 year-old, at least.

In other news......
Thanks to the love an support of peeps like you, I also made it to the next round of the card contest on Practical Scrappers. Wahoo!
Okay, here is my plea:
If you'd like to take a look, or vote for this round,  here is the link:
(so please hop over and vote for any/all card designs you would like to move onto the next round!)
A sneak peak of the process of this week's entry...

And a glimpse at the final card submitted for the contest--

Widget wanted to join me in making cards as well. Here are a couple of her creations:

 Notice she wrote her name on right and left sides of the card above? Did you notice that one is a mirror image of her name? What a goof!

And she left her entire first name off the this card, but wrote her middle name and last name (misspelled, but pretty close). I think the girl at the bottom is a mermaid...but I'm not entirely sure ;)
Well, that's it for today. Thanks again for being awesome!
P.S. Remember my announcements from last week? I'm still looking for suggestions on a monthly contest. Here is the original announcement:
  • I have been contemplating holding a little contest each month here on How Do U Like Them Apples. The plan is to have a different type of project/craft/challenge each month, anybody who wants to can link up, and then readers will vote for their favorites. I'm still unsure on all the details, but one things is for sure: there will be PRIZES! If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them- comment below or email me (apples(dot)chandler@gmail.com), and I'd be happy to chat 

    1. So cute! I'd love for you to share this or any of your great ideas at the link party going on now (and every Saturday through Tuesday) at 'Or so she says ...' Hope to see you there! www.oneshetwoshe.com


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