Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Things I'm Lovin'...Birthday Edition

This week, I'm showing ya'll a few things I'm lovin' currently...most of which force feeding me oodles and oodles of inspiration. Most of these I have found and pinned  from Pinterest (pop over and check out my other to-dos and project inspirations here), but some are wonderful things I've stumbled tripped over around blogland or other places online :) These are in no particular order, because all of them are so lovely!

Things I'm Lovin'...Birthday Edition

Today is my Birthday...I know, awesome right?!?! So I decided to do a Birthday Edition and include some awesomeness that I would want at my party (it's my party, I can cry dance if I want to!) So on with the show :)

Chelsea at Yours Truly used these beauties at a Mary Poppins party. I just think black and white stripes are lovely.

Every little girl probably loves tutus...and I love this table cloth on babble.com

Sarah Dawn Designs blogged about her mother-in-law's 60th Birthday. One day, I hope someone makes one of these for me...when I'm older...but I might make sure that nice person subtracts a couple of years off my age. Or maybe we'll do something like this for an anniversary instead, then I wont feel the need to lie about the number ;)

I like bling. I like things that glitter. I like sparkly jewelry and pretty clothes...although I don't wear sequins myself. ZsaZsa Bellagio blog is quite pretty and glittery itself, but I particularly love this picture:

Yay! I would feel like a princess in a parade :)

And of course, there must be party games! And what better way to enjoy a party than making a paper plate marble track like frugalfun4boys.

Goodies are very important as well. I think it would be fun to have a spread of my favorite things, which might include:

cheese cake bites like these from Baking Bites

and the Ultimate Caramel Apples from .cookingclassy

and I can't leave out bacon...how fun is bacon in a heart shape? I'd say pretty fun!

Well now that you've enjoyed my party, tell me something you'd love to have at your Birthday in the comments below.

P.S. Remember my announcements from Monday? I'm still looking for suggestions on a monthly contest. Here is the original announcement:

  • I have been contemplating holding a little contest each month here on How Do U Like Them Apples. The plan is to have a different type of project/craft/challenge each month, anybody who wants to can link up, and then readers will vote for their favorites. I'm still unsure on all the details, but one things is for sure: there will be PRIZES! If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them- comment below or email me (apples(dot)chandler@gmail.com), and I'd be happy to chat!

  • Thanks for all your help and support! Now I'm off to bake a cake, teach a card making class, and possibly take a nap...
    Birthdays are so awesome when you're a mom ;)


    1. Happy Birthday!!! Love those birthday ideas - I love feeling special on my birthday!

      Oh, and prizes are lovely too :). Still LOVING that darling onesie you sent for Kenzie!

      1. Thanks :)
        I'm glad Kenzie can still wear the onesie, kids grow so fast!
        Well, I'm hoping to include prizes from my creations as well as gift cards, etc. Now I just need ideas for the contests and people to enter ;)


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