Thursday, February 7, 2013

Things I'm Lovin'...Craft Edition

This week, I'm showing ya'll a few things I'm lovin' currently...most of which force feeding me oodles and oodles of inspiration. Most of these I have found and pinned  from Pinterest (pop over and check out my other to-dos and project inspirations here), but some are wonderful things I've stumbled tripped over around blogland or other places online :) These are in no particular order, because all of them are so lovely!

Things I'm Lovin'...Craft Edition

This Orange Valentine (by Crafting in the Rain) inspired the Valentines we are mailing out to our family (which I'll show you later).

Speaking of Valentines, wouldn't this Floating Heart Backdrop (by Hank and Hunt) be perfect for a photo of the kids, before school, on Vday? I love that she used lots of different colors, too (not just the traditional red/pink), and we all know how I like a little rebellion of 'traditional' holiday colors... anyway, not just red/pink, so the backdrop can be used for either girls or boys without hesitation.

Rae is totally awesome in her sewing skills. Just look at this boy-ish quilt. The pattern looks awesome using these different colored fabrics all lined up.

I love everything about SewCraftCreate's DIY Doll Bunk Beds. I mean the girl has got style; lovely ruffled bedskirts, matching blankets, and perfect little pillows. Maybe we'll make this for Widget next Christmas.

I remember falling in love with water colors in 4th grade...when we taped card stock to our desks with masking tape. The masking tape kept the paper in place during the process, and once removed, created a crisp clean boarder. Elise didn't need masking tape to create these Striped Heart Watercolor pictures at Grow Creative...and they still look wonderful!

My hubby is not a HUGE fan of lace, but I am! I even have a number of embroidery hoops in Missouri waiting to be made into wall art. The Honey Pot: Lace Hoop Art would be perfect in my office/woman cave.

Widget creates such fun drawings nearly everyday. And some I keep, you know, for sentimental reasons...I am a proud mommy :) But, most of the artwork gets shoved into a drawer never to be gazed at I think I will make one of these Artwork Display Frames (from Make It and Love It) for Widget's room (and maybe the kitchen) so she can have a pretty display of her works of art.

Kimbo (from AGAAGG) and her glue gun make lots of nifty things, like this Princess Felt Mat. I can't even show this to Widget, because if I didn't create it right then and there, I'm afraid she would turn into a tantrum puddle...but some day I may just surprise her :)

Okay, so I want one of the Play Bow and Arrow for myself. Mandy (from Sugar Bee Crafts) and her husband, Trevor (from So I Married a Craft Blogger) have some clever ideas.
Do you have any broken eye shadows or blushes lying in your make up drawer? Well, this is a great way to use them instead of throwing them away. Blah to Tada! made Animal Print cards just using glue and eye shadow/blush. It looks so easy, and unique...and if you use the old or broken make up, then not only are your resourceful, but green as well (recycling, reducing waste, etc.)

Has the Creative Bug bit you yet? Do you have an insatiable desire to craft and diy? Well, go forth...and put this inspiration to good use :)

P.S. Remember my announcements from Monday? I'm still looking for suggestions on a monthly contest. Here is the original announcement:

  • I have been contemplating holding a little contest each month here on How Do U Like Them Apples. The plan is to have a different type of project/craft/challenge each month, anybody who wants to can link up, and then readers will vote for their favorites. I'm still unsure on all the details, but one things is for sure: there will be PRIZES! If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them- comment below or email me (apples(dot), and I'd be happy to chat!

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