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Things I'm Lovin'...Home Edition

This week, I'm showing ya'll a few things I'm lovin' currently...most of which force feeds me oodles and oodles of inspiration. Most of these I have found and pinned  from Pinterest (pop over and check out my other to-dos and project inspirations here), but some are wonderful things I've stumbled tripped over around blogland or other places online :) These are in no particular order, because all of them are so lovely!

Things I'm Lovin'...Home Edition
And, I'll take you room by stay organized :)

I'm going out here on a limb, but I'm pretty sure every woman (and most men) like to have a lot of storage space in their kitchens. Shocking...I know! I love the idea of adding storage where there is dead space in cabinets..

Like these nice toe-kick drawers: great for cookie sheets, muffin tins and all other flat-ish kitchen things

A regular cabinet in a corner has the back corner under the counter you can never reach. Or a lazy-susan where items can fall off (also in the back corner) and be doomed to a life of no use. But, add drawers to your corner cabinet, and voila! Less items getting lost.

And what about counter space? Counter space is a commodity that runs low, even before Mom (or Dad) starts to prep/cook in the kitchen. Why not put your spatulas and other large utensils in a draw?

Want to add a bit of color and personality to your kitchen, but don't have a lot of money to spend on the project? Add a curtain! And make it super inexpensive, and easier, by following Made by Rae and use a spring rod (I think that's what they are called) in between your cabinets surrounding the sink.

I am a big fan of storage, no matter where in the house I am. We have been planning a bathroom renovation in our Missouri house, and we even talked about opening up the half wall at the end of the tub...but adding a drawer with shelves is even better.

I love working with mini tiles-something about their size just makes them adorable :) I also like tile in my bathrooms---why didn't I think of using the minis and floor tile together? Doesn't the mini tiles just add pizzazz?

For those of you that have been here long, I don't think you'll be surprised to know that I am a sarcastic person...and this just makes me smile.  And it would be awesome in a guest bathroom; maybe it would scare them just a little bit. Death by shower, anyone?

Laundry Room
A tub with jets, a shower with jets, but I have never heard of a sink with jets until now. It is an awesome idea...considering you could use the sink to wash delicates and 'hand wash only' items without praying continually during your machine's cycle that your delicate beauties may survive this wash. Home Improvement Ideas is a fun site to wander around in (like a candy shop).

In Between Rooms/Family Spaces
Sarah, from Thrifty D├ęcor Chick, made her dreary stairwell a work of art...with paneling. I know, wood paneling is so outdated, well at least the UGLY kind is. Sarah's paneling adds a pinch of rustic design with a modern flare. Maybe I'll try this on a wall in the family...

I love me a feature wall, so when I saw Kara Paslay's Easy, Cheap, Fast, and Fantastic Feature Wall I jumped for joy (not literally, I'm not 5 years old any more, but I'm pretty sure I smiled). Kara's feature wall combines two of my favorite things: black and metallic. It's gorgeous!

I have longed for a cute mudroom to decorate and hang Widget's pretty coats on a hook, but with limited space available, I have yet to have such a space. However, this hidden shoe rack (behind coat hooks) would be a great space saver.

Okay, so we've talked about themed cards, themed outfits and themed baby quilts. Now let's talk about, or rather look at, themed bedrooms.

I have this thing for pirates. Maybe it's more of a thing for pirate themes (I'll blame it on Disney and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride...and movies). Decoideas made this room super cool, like the bed is actually on the deck of a pirate ship.

I also have this thing for black anything. So when I saw this chandelier at Apartment Therapy, I just had to pin it and file it away for future reference. The rest of the room is beautiful as well...especially the little rack of pretty dresses in front of the window.

I am a lucky Mommy, do you know why? Widget still takes naps 90% of the time (she's almost 5 people!). Yes, I know I am lucky to have a bit of time to myself in the middle of the day (although I nap sometimes, too). One of the problems with sleeping during the day is the glorious sunlight--being a bit harder to sleep when it's light versus when it's dark. Make It and Love It has a tutorial on how to make your own blackout curtains (perfect for rooms with daytime nappers).

Do you have any other great ideas that you would like to incorporate into your next home (or your current home)?

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