Monday, February 4, 2013

Things I'm Lovin'...Kids Edition

I am currently making a ginormous list (in my head) of clothing items to sew up for myself and the Widget...a large enough list that I'm pretty much psyching myself out, and stumbling on my way to the sewing machine. So, any items on my list have yet to come to fruition, but alas, I am working up the courage as we speak (er, read)-I have already pre-washed a number of enormous start, right?!?

A few announcements:
  • I am pattern testing for Popolok Design, so I must jump back up on the sewing bandwagon soon. I plan to show you a bit of the process and final product-and I'll keep you posted when the pattern goes live.
  • I have entered my 'Love You' card design in a contest on Practical Scrappers. You can check out all the contestants here, and vote for all of the cards/designers you'd like to move on to the next round (and if you love my card, I'd be a happy happy crafter!)
  • We are celebrating Vday (and my Bday) this weekend with a little trip to Culebra (an island off of Puerto Rico). I imagine I will be taking tons of pics of white sand beaches...and just might share them with you at a later date :)
  • I have been contemplating holding a little contest each month here on How Do U Like Them Apples. The plan is to have a different type of project/craft/challenge each month, anybody who wants to can link up, and then readers will vote for their favorites. I'm still unsure on all the details, but one things is for sure: there will be PRIZES! If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them- comment below or email me (apples(dot), and I'd be happy to chat!

Anyway, while I'm trying to pick up the pieces of my gusto, I thought I'd show you a few things this week that have given me inspiration. Most of these I have found or pinned (pop over and check out my other to-dos and project inspiration here), but some are wonderful things I've stumbled tripped over around blogland or other places online :) These are in no particular order, because all of them are so lovely!

Things I'm lovin'...Kids Edition

Sweet Heart Pigtails-just a picture, but it's so cute

These are awesome capris: lovely pattern and fun button detailed cuffs.

Kids Gap Big bows on shoes? Yep!

Have I told you I love polka dots? (and stripes, but that's besides the point) Simple Simon and Co posted this cute skirt today...and the heart pocket is to die for!

Speaking of skirts, this little cutie is on my list to make for the next baby (mine or otherwise) of the female persuasion. Delia made this Baby Bubble skirt simply divine using light pink gingham fabric...and the baby's not bad looking either ;)

Now, let's not forget about the boys!

I'm lovin' this awesome Boys' Valentines-ish shirt from Sugar Bee Crafts. And, isn't her model adorable!?!
And this whole ensemble is quite fetching...especially love the combo of gray slacks with Kelly green loafers.

What about you, have you found any new kids inspiration lately? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Monday!

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