Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Things I'm Lovin'...Me Edition

This week, I'm showing ya'll a few things I'm lovin' currently...most of which force feeding me oodles and oodles of inspiration. Most of these I have found or pinned (pop over and check out my other to-dos and project inspirations here), but some are wonderful things I've stumbled tripped over around blogland or other places online :) These are in no particular order, because all of them are so lovely!

Things I'm Lovin'...Me Edition

But, I want the above skirt in my size (with or without the heart pocket). The Big Oak Tree has a quick tutorial for a high-waisted sash skirt...and I need to give it a try

I will wear an occasional hoodie, but pullover sweatshirts are out.of.the.question...although this sweatshirt refashion by Oh By Golly just might give me a reason to purchase the next mint condition sweatshirt I see at a thrift store (especially in this amazing blue color).
Every woman (and possibly every big girl) has a hankering for a LBD (or Little Black Dress in normal peoples' seems like I just learned that term this year). This is a LBD that I would actually wear: modest, black, large details (like stripes), modest, slimming with full skirt, lace, and modest (are you detecting a theme here?). The one thing I'd change about this dress: add a lining that extends to the hem of the skirt...making it more modest. Maybe a lining in nude (to show off the lace) of black (for a sleek look) or a shimmery cream (to add a bit of sparkle) or go bold with a hot orange (orange is hot, right?) or blend with the 'color of the year' and add an emerald lining (chic & trendy). If any amazing person wants to make me a lovely dress (like the one below) I would not turn them down...just saying!

Speaking of black and stripes, I'm loving this outfit combination...

but I'm thinking of taking it a bit farther using a tone on tone stripe skirt (like this one made by DownEast Basics) and a mini polka dot top instead. Your thoughts?

I love my hair (mostly) but I'm having a hard time making up-dos work that aren't super tight to my head. I want to learn how to do this to my hair...*sigh*'s so pretty
And, if you are new to Apples By Ashley, then you may not know what my favorite color is...but I'm sure you can guess it from this post :) I'll give you a hint...
I love this Guess Jacket...and it shimmers, too!
I'm still working on using more of a variety of colors in my wardrobe, so if you have any fun inspiration or 'gotta haves' (in any color), send them my way!
Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. LOVE that hairdo too! Fun, fun, fun ideas.

    1. I know, the hairdo is cute, right!?! Thanks for reading!


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