Saturday, April 6, 2013

Neatly Messy and Vintage

First, I wanted to show you a glimpse of some treasures we found in a couple of different houses (for sale) we have seen recently.

A tile framed mirror (actually two) in the master over each vanity. The tile matches the work around the tub.

And this lovely Dressmaker sewing machine. Yes...I am the crazy lady posting pictures of other people's crafting/creative endeavors. But, I thought you might get a kick out of this vintage machine. I am very glad I have such a nice machine to use today, but sometimes older machines (like above) are quite exciting to work with. Do you or have you sewn on a vintage machine?

Okay, more pictures of the 'shower building' process. I'm so glad a few young men in our neighborhood came over to help move the shower base and glass doors upstairs (together weighing approximately 300 lbs).

(sorry for the blurry phone pics...sometimes you grab the camera in closest proximity when in the middle of creating messes)

Of course, Widget likes to be where the action is happening :)

The glass door/walls propped against a wall in our bedroom, just outside of the master bathroom.

The hole for the shower base was cut out of the tile flooring before we received the base in the mail. We used the measurements given us from the distributor to cut the hole, but after trying multiple times to maneuver the heavy base into place, we figured out the hole turned out to be about 1/2" too small.

So, the Hubs had to cut the tile a second time before placing the base into it's final resting place.

Have you ever remodeled a bathroom? Any part? I can say with a surety, it is a neat and messy experience!

The bathroom has pretty much been a mess since we started this process.

How do u like them Apples?

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