Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Where's Perry?

So, I know I have yet to post all the glamorous pictures of 10 children skipping happily running frantically through our house smiling sadistically during Widget's Phineas and Ferb Birthday Party (I gave the theme away with the invitations I made here)...it was so traumatizing...Just Kidding!...okay maybe a little traumatizing...that I have not yet been ready to re-live the fun by editing all the pictures and writing about the chaos (and being out-of-town for a week also makes life a bit crazier, too).

However, I'd be happy to share a few more 'getting ready for the party' pictures with ya'll...

Did you already figure out what we made as party favors when I posted the picture below in this post? If you follow Apples By Ashley on facebook, you may have already seen some special comments (made by the parents of the attendees) about our little favors :)  

(if you didn't catch that, calling this project little is quite an understatement...it took a full week and two people on the job at all times to finish up these cute critters)

Oh, but they were worth it! I still have a post coming up dedicated to this project, but you can get a sneak peek of the plans my cute hubby drafted by heading over to my facebook page.

I also made awesome striped Jell-o in mini dishes---Widget picked the color order, so it's a bit difficult to see the orange next to the red...BUT they were still awesome, and most the kids wanted seconds with their lunches :) That proves they were a success! (and I'm sure the rainbow colored mini spoons each child received to eat their Jell-o didn't hurt the situation either--cummon, who doesn't love cute little things?!?)

And so, I we were busy the entire week leading up to her party with projects specific to the party... and also ripping out the mini master shower, family visiting, and unpacking. Phew...just thinking about it makes my sanity start slipping away. At least we have made some major progress on our shower (now that the base and door were shipped, and arrived safely) and we are home again. Hopefully I can make some time to start working on other projects I've been thinking of, and pinning...
Thanks for stopping by!

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