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SNAP! Recap - Basic Bloggin Tips for Online Success (Notes)

I am finally sitting down and typing out my notes from SNAP! and thought I'd share a little bit of the Giant-sized 'Ah-Ha' moment I had while in Utah. I will be including my notes, from the different classes I attended, in my posts for the next few days. As you may be able to tell by my notes, I'm a pretty detailed some of the notes may take you the entire length of the actual lecture to read through. So, if the information does not appeal to you, feel free to skip over the end of the post :) BUT, if you are interested in seeing what the conference and other bloggers' cute clothing looked like...then you might want to scroll through the pictures below.

*Update: My first bit of 'Ah-Ha' moment: I thought I'd feel really out of place sitting among the ladies (and guys) at SNAP because in my head their blogs are all so much more fabulous than mine (and have a much larger audience)...but I actually felt pretty comfortable. I didn't know everyone (or their blogs), but I was able to talk to a number of people. And by the second day, when I handed my business card out, I received comments like "Oh, I remember this cute card" and "Oh, I was hoping to get one of your cards"....What!!! From little ol' me??? Yep...I felt like I fit right in ;)

Here are a few pictures of us (Ariean, myself, Kilee and Mandy) on the first day...

At our hotel, we had a 'decorated door' contest. We got really excited about our Photo Booth idea, and even took individual headshots to use in a HUGE photo strip (you know, like the ones you get from an actual photo booth). Here are a few pictures of the door and the decorating process.

See the photo strip down the side of the door? Yep, that's pretty HOT STUFF going on right there!

And yes...I can be a real goof sometimes.

 We also had a Pajama Party that night...but I'll share those pictures with you later, when I post the notes from the first afternoon of classes.

Below are my complete notes from my first class...exact notes (just typed). Feel free to hop over to the girl's sites (linked by each name) for their individual recap of the class. (If you do not blog/own a handmade business, my class notes may not appeal to you...feel free to skip the end of the post ;) if needed)

Basic Blogging Tips for Online Success
taught by: Amy (The Idea Room), Desiree (The 36th Avenue) and Sarah (Thrifty Décor Chick)

Amy (find her overview of the class at The Idea Room)
5 Things to Focus on as a Blogger

1. Passion: being who you are and doing what comes naturally. "The energy that comes from bringing more of YOU into what you do."

2. Authenticity: largely defined by what other people see in you, as such, can to a great extent be controlled by you (innate quality). "Be a 1st rate version of you, not the 2nd best version of someone else."

3. Blogging Ethics: morals or principles
  • always link back to source of inspiration
  • never copy pics/text without written consent (email)
  • give credit where credit is due
  • be a positive source of inspiration
  • you will never regret behaving appropriately
  • handle negativity with kindness
4. Build a Community: social grouping of like-size bloggers
  • share others work
  • there is room for everyone
  • guest post
  • competition actually can hinder growth
  • strive to build other up
  • interact in your community
5. Time Management: "One always has time enough, if one will apply it well."-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
  • Develop work schedule
  • have a plan
  • keep creativity journal
  • cluster activities
  • save content for rainy day
  • unplug and learn to reconnect with yourself
  • use time wisely-be careful of social media because it can take up a ton of time
  • don't read emails first things in the morning if it takes all your energy to do things for other people, which leaves no energy to do things for yourself

Desiree (find her overview of the class at The 36th Avenue)
  • Be so good that they can't ignore you
  • "Have Hope"
  • There is no perfect formula to grow your blog because creativity comes in every size and shape
6 Tips for Your Photos

1. size of your pictures will impact the SPEED of your blog
  • ultimate size 600-640 pixels
  • resize pics before adding to your blog platform
2. background: remove any dark background on blogs. Lighter backgrounds make pictures POP.
3. watermarks: Cute. Clean. Clear. Match the theme of each pictures.
4. work on your pictures, and they'll work for you:
  • instead of 'save' use 'save as'-and name all your pictures with GREAT descriptions
  • utilize your alternate text: use to write description and a link to your blog (in wordpress)
5. keep your readers content with your content:
  • have a happy blog-bring the best of you: tell/show your readers how awesome you are!
  • answer comments-in timely matter
  • be a good host: think of your blog as a party; what would you do for your guests?
  • be true and honest
  • be efficient (schedule posts to post @ 1:00 am, for example)
  • follow your heart
6. We are DIY-ers:
  • the definite thing we have in common, we are amazing and successful because we are DIY-ers and creators
  • write with your entire heart; be you and share who you are as a person...then you can inspire others

Sarah (finder her overview of the class at Thrifty Décor Chick)

Engaging your Readers {Through Linky Parties}
-pick a theme
-timing-maybe only once or twice a month...or once a week
-rules-link backs and guidelines

Commenting: means a lot to both bloggers and readers
-respond to comments
-comment on other blogs
-respond on social media
-answering emails

How and When You Write: your readers want to know what to expect from you
-how often do you want to/can post
-learn the art of a brief post
-decide how much personal info you want to share (family pics, life stories, personal experiences, talk about yourself...random quirky facts)

Partner with Businesses
  • private adds (like etsy shops)-helpful after you've been advertising for awhile
  • ad networks-put google ads on your site NOW
  • text links-may take SEO juice, be careful
-sponsored posts
  • great way to work with businesses
  • 1 time deal
  • you should be paid once you establish yourself/you blog (affiliates are commissioned work)
  • like sponsored posts, but more over a period of time
  • can build strong relationships between yourself and the company/businesses
-social media
  • most companies are obsessed with social media
  • make sure it fits your site, negotiate for what can work for you (and your brand)

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