Friday, May 3, 2013

SNAP! Recap - Pinterest Tips

Again, I am finally sitting down and typing out my notes from SNAP! and thought I'd share a little bit of the Giant-sized 'Ah-Ha' moment I had while in Utah. I will be including my notes, from the different classes I attended, in my posts for the next few days. As you may be able to tell by my notes, I'm a pretty detailed note-taker. If the information does not appeal to you, feel free to skip over the end of the post :) BUT, if you are interested in seeing what the conference and other bloggers' cute clothing looked like...then you might want to scroll through the pictures below.

My second bit of 'Ah-Ha' moment: Pinterest is a (free) way to market my blog/business...

A fun Pajama Party was held the first evening, and boy, what it packed with all sorts of fun!

Left to Right: photo opportunity on stage, fabric bunting craft, everyone in their PJs (including Kilee and myself), and a shot of me with my fabric bunting and glass jar decorated to match me (future) office/craft room colors (the jar is covered in a variety of Scotch Tape--isn't it nifty how there are so many varieties of tape?)

Refreshments included a Milk bar and Cookie bar. The milk was served with striped paper straws in fun colors...I can honestly say it was my first time drinking through a paper straw and I was surprised. I always figured that the paper straw would melt in the drink and my mouth, but I am happy to report that no melting occurred ;)

The middle picture is one of a few funny outtakes I caught that night. It's too good to miss, so here is it again! I'm sure the girls will love me posting this...(Kilee, Ariean and Mandy---all of whom have AWESOME blogs! Go check them out!!!)

And after the party, we went and checked out our 'decorated door' competition. Who knew all the attendees at SNAP would be so creative?!?! Oh wait, I did!

And, although I purchased my PJ bottoms (from Target), the other gals made theirs...and each picked such cute fabric (which you can't see the best in the picture, but you get the idea).

Below is a summary from my notes in my second class. Feel free to hop over to the girl's sites (linked by each name). (If you do not blog/own a handmade business, my class notes may not appeal to you...feel free to skip the end of the post ;) if needed)

Heather (Whipperberry) and Jamielyn (I Heart Nap Time)
  • Build your brand through the look and feel of not only through your own pictures, but through your pins as well---can your audience trust what you are pinning?
  • Photos are Key: vertical photos, name photos ('save as'), include descriptions/call to action, add your website to description, keep it clean (visually...and verbally)
  • Utilize branding effectively: only use up to (the same) three fonts on pictures (to be recognizable), name Pinterest boards with obvious (not creative) names, add key words to descriptions of boards and pins
  • Always be the original pinner--don't re-pin (go directly to the source and pin from there)
  • The best times to pin are Sunday through Tuesday, from 7-11 am (EST). Saturday mornings are good also.
  • Adding a price to the description may help the item sell faster
  • Present self appropriately and strongly

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