Thursday, May 16, 2013

Third Thursdays with Tash: Strawberry Freezer Jam

Remember, on the third Thursday of {almost} every month, my Sis-in-law, Tash, writes about her recent crafty adventures. Take it away, Tash!
Hello again everybody!  Has the summer heat reached your home yet?  It sure reached our house early.  The nice thing about an early summer is seasonal fruit comes early, and stays for longer.  Rhubarb season lasts until Thanksgiving!  Yummy.  The down side is it doesn’t stay good and fresh for very long.  Strawberries are often wilting in the store.  So when strawberries went on sale, and actually smelled like strawberries, I bought a whole bunch.  It wasn’t until I got home that I remembered that they will rot before I could eat them all.  I needed a plan. 
 Growing up, my family (and all of our neighbors) grew gardens and canned the harvest.  Strawberry jam was at the top of the 'favorite canned goods list', but stirring hot strawberries in 90° plus weather sounded miserable.  Ashley’s hubs, Preston, and my Spencer also grew up on homemade canned goods, but their strawberry jam came out of the freezer.  Can you say solution? 
This is what I did:
I found my package of pectin and followed the simple instructions. 
 Start with a bowl of beautiful strawberries…
and mash them. 
If the end result wasn’t so yummy this would look so sad. 
Then take a bowl full of sugar.  Not a spoonful, a huge bowl full…
and add it to the even bigger bowl of strawberries.
It will look like way too much sugar. 
Trust the recipe and keep stirring.  See it fits!
Now leave the sugary semi-liquid strawberries and move to the stove.  Add water to pectin and bring it to a boil. 
It comes to a full boil quickly. 

Now add the boiling pectin to the strawberries, and stir it in.
Does it look redder to you too?  I promise I didn’t change the color in any photo editing program.  These are all natural. 
Find the mason jars that you have hiding in your cupboard somewhere and clean them VERY well.  Oh and be sure to find more than two, you’ll see why below.
Fill the jars with the sweet strawberry deliciousness, leaving head space for freezing. 
Be sure to make a mess along the way.
TA DA! Now freeze them or just throw it into the fridge and eat it right away.  See the little jar.  It was eaten in a day. 
I can’t believe how easy it was.  Seriously I don’t think I’ll make cooked strawberry jam again.  Freezer jam just tastes better.  Have you ever made freezer jam?  How did you like it?
Have a good month!


  1. I will have to try this method. What kind of pectin did you use? I am pinning this to my canning page. Hope you can drop by sometime. Theresa @

    1. I used the Sure Jell brand of pectin. They have canning recipes in the box, and when I looked in my cook book it was in same recipe, so it's a fool proof recipe. Good luck!

      ~ Tash


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