Monday, June 3, 2013

Easy Interchangeable Wreath

Long time, no see peeps! I hope ya'll excuse my short absence. We were finally able to take possession of our NEW house, and I took a break from blogging as we hauled all our junk my craft room our belongings from our rental to our new place.
Once our beds were usable again, then the crafting began. And what was a crafty girl to do with a pretty blank (red) front door? Make a wreath, of course! But not just any ol' wreath...I wanted something that could be used for more than just one holiday (like my Easy Anytime Wreath--which has gotten lots of use, btw).
The best part about this wreath is the big fabric bow. The bow is tied onto a vine-style wreath (I picked up at JoAnns) and can be removed/replaced at any given time; thus making this Easy Wreath in to an Easy Interchangeable Wreath.
Want to make an Easy Interchangeable Wreath, too? It really is easy, I promise ;) So easy, in fact, that I put the fabric bow together in a total of 8 minutes (which means I didn't stop to take any pictures--sorry :( my bad). But, I'm confident you can make one after reading my convoluted simple instructions below. 
What you'll need:
1-1.25 yard(s) fabric of your choice (mine is 45" wide)
Sewing Machine
Pins (optional)
Iron and Ironing Board
There is definitely more than one way to make this fun fabric bow, but this is the way I did it:
Start by ironing my yard of fabric in half length wise (hotdog bun style). Then use the scissors to cut down the fold--which will make two strips of fabric with the selvage on the short sides. Pin and sew together the strips *only attaching one end of each strip, creating one really long strip.
Then iron the long fabric strip in half lengthwise again -right sides together- (hotdog bun style). Pin the fabric together along the raw edges -right sides together-, then make a straight seam down the raw edges (creating a long tube).
Since the ends of your tube are the selvage edge of the fabric, they will not fray. But you can choose to finish off the ends of your tube any way you like, for example: sew one end closed then flip the tube right side out and hand sew the other end closed (turning the edges under), flip tube then sew the selvage ends together along the outside of the tube, or after flipping the tube right side out, iron the ends under and seal them using a hot glue gun. I left my ends as is.
Flip the tube, right side out, and iron flat. Wrap your double-sided strip (ironed flat tube of fabric) around your wreath form (I used the vine-style form) and tie a bow. Fluff up the loops of the bow to your liking.
At this point, I grabbed a few straight pins and pinned up the edges of my bow at an add a bit of character. This step is totally optional, and will vary by the way you decide to finish the ends of your tube.
Hang the wreath on the door (or any other surface you want to decorate). Then, stick a fork in it...YOU'RE DONE!
Step back and admire your Easy Interchangeable Wreath...then go grab another yard of fabric and make a second/third/forth fabric strip to change out your original bow (later down the road).

How do u like them apples?

Fluster Buster


  1. Your wreath turned out great - lookin' good!

  2. Clever! And, I dream of having a red door someday. My hubby always teases me about it. :)


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