Friday, June 14, 2013

InstaFriday - Moving and Plywood

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Life, like usual, has been a bit disjointed for our family lately. We've been in all sorts of directions for the last little while, so I thought I'd use today's InstaFriday to catch you up ;)

We moved into our new (to us) house the last week in May. My In-laws dropped off the two youngest boys on our doorstep and waved goodbye as they hastened to drink up two weeks of Bahaman sunsets. Lucky for us, this meant we had 4 extra hands to pack boxes and help move furniture. Unlucky for them, I'm pretty strict about allotted TV and wii time in our home (mostly for them specifically) because electronics make them utterly useless. The above picture was taken when the boys were moving our king bed. We have a gel honeycomb type mattress that is really heavy and quite floppy. To make the mattress easier to carry, the boys folded it and then wrapped it with shrink wrap.

I love when my brother-in-law comes to visit! Since he is now a registered driver, he usually comes with a mini van (which he also drives to high school during the year - I know, super cool (feel the sarcasm dripping from the screen). I love having the mini van on hand to run random picking up a sheet of plywood for quick project to be completed the week we were moving. DONE! Although, my bro-in-law had to cuddle with the plywood all the way home from Home Depot :) But it fit!!!

My cousin's husband flew into Kansas City to look for housing for the fall. Yay! We are making all sorts of strides in getting our family to move closer to us :) He will be going to school near KC, so he toured a couple of apartment complexes during his short two day trip. While he was here, my Hubby and I went out to eat some good ol' fashion Kansas City BBQ. We had an idea of a place to try, but only knew the name, Oklahoma Joe's. Turned out this restaurant was actually located in the backside of a gas station AND, at 5 pm on a Saturday, already had a line wrapped around the building and into the parking lot (probably like 60+ people in line, and lots more walking to the line from their parked cars). I only got a picture of the front of the line, but it still looks pretty impressive considering there are probably another 10-ish people standing in line inside the door. Needless to say, we didn't brave the sunny weather in a line, but we did get our fill of barbequed meat at Jack Stack BBQ, located downtown at The Plaza.

After taking possession of our new house, we had about a week of unpacking box after box after box. Then we headed to Utah for a Family Reunion. But, before we drove to the airport, we made Widget take a nap...then we had to wake her up (but not before I snapped this picture). She looked so serein and cherub-like that I just couldn't help myself. And the picture shows off the quilt top I made over a year - and now that I finally placed it on her bed, I'm not so in love with it. Don't you hate it when you work long and hard on something, then it just doesn't fit your vision (which probably changed half way through the process, anyway)!?

Hope you have a photo-worthy weekend!

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