Thursday, July 18, 2013

Third Thursdays with Tash - A fine mess

Remember, on the third Thursday of {almost} every month, my Sis-in-law, Tash, writes about her recent crafty adventures. Take it away, Tash!

Hello everybody.  I hope you enjoyed your Independence day.  Now it's time for a Pop Quiz!
What happens when you have a room to paint and paint leftover from your last painting project?

       A.  Save yourself some money and use the old color.
       B.  Buy new paint and go to town.
       C.  Think and worry about it for days.
       D.  All of the above

If you answered D you're correct!  After buying too many gallons of paint for our living and dining rooms we had a gallon or three to spare.  I wanted to paint the guest bathroom, but we couldn't afford new paint and furnishings for the bathroom.  My husband's thought was to paint the dirty looking white room the same color as the rest of the house.  I really couldn't stand the idea of replacing my all-white home with all creamy mushroom, so I bought a $3.00 sample of gray blue paint and we mixed a new color.

It took a few days, and some really awkward yoga poses to paint behind the toilet, but I think it looks lovely.

Or at least it will once I clean up this mess, and install the mirror on the wall again.

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