Monday, July 1, 2013

Delightful Waves Handmade Card Picture Tutorial

Hey ya'll, how is your summer going? Hope you are enjoying your kids, warm sunshine and kicks and giggles.
I've been thinking of a cool sea breeze, the gentle rocking of the ocean waves and donning a well fitting swimsuit...
Well, I found away to feel a moment of my dream (well, everything but the cute swimsuit that is). And, it's a lot cheaper than renting a yacht! I now introduce you to my Delightful Nautical-Inspired Card :)
Do you know someone who could a bit of an ocean vacation? I'm going to show you how to make this Delightful Nautical-Inspired Card, so you can make their day!
First, make a card (using white cardstock) in the size that you prefer, or use a pre-made blank card (sets can be found at any craft store in the scrapbook section). Collect a few blue/white/red patterned (or solid) scrapbook paper, including at least one nautical or water design.
Next, cut a blue/white/red striped paper to fit the front of your card (once folded in half) and glue it into place.

Then cut strips of your nautical/water paper and attach them to the base pattern paper. I used two different pieces of the 'wave' paper to make two stripes of waves. I also cut strips of a deep red cardstock, and added them strategically to the card front.

I also added alphabet stickers to one of my red stripes, creating the word DELIGHTFUL (but you can use any other sentiment instead, ie. thanks, love you, sail away, wish you well, etc.)

I thought the card was still missing something, so I grabbed a white grosgrain ribbon (with black accents). The ribbon should be cut long enough to wrap around the card and be tied in a knot (or bow, whichever you prefer). Once the ribbon is cut, slip it into the card (like the picture below)...
 ...then close the card, and tie the ribbon around the front of the card.

 Voila! Now you can add your friendly message inside your card, stick it in an addressed enveloped and send it on it's merry way :)

Go ahead, make yourself one too! So you can feel the salty sea air every time you look at it...or just put a smile on your face day dreaming about a mini ocean vacation.

Yay for a little Nautical inspiration!
And if you want to make something with a nod to the nautical, then I would like to invite you personally to join this month's Make Along Monday challenge! The challenge instructions (and a few ideas to get you motivated) will be posted tomorrow...check back for more details ;)


  1. that is pretty- I am loving nautical right now!

    1. Hey Kelly-
      Thank you for the sweet comment. Just wanted to let you know about our Make Along Monday link-up on the last Monday of each month. July's challenge theme is Nautical; I think you might like to check back and see all the nautical eye candy (and maybe add your own project) later!
      Thanks again!


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