Friday, July 19, 2013

InstaFriday - 8, Mice, in Water

Want to see what I've been doing this week? Most Fridays you can check in on my life with a little phone-photo glimpse here at You can also follow me daily on Instagram at @applesbyashley.

This week, we joined an impromptu Mini Mouse party, hosted by Mandy. Widget played Mini mouse dominos with the girls while we waiting for everyone to arrive.
The girls also liked checking out the table-scape: cake, Mini Mouse Oreos, polka dots everywhere, a piƱata, and pink.

I've been watching a couple of girls, a few years older than Widget, for the rest of the summer. It's been quite warm here, so I made the plunge and bought a slip-n-slide (a total of $6 with tax). We've been outside, utilizing our new backyard, at least a couple days a week. Since I need to hang outside with the kids, I've been keeping cool and stylish in my BIG floppy hat...but on occasion, I think I pull it off :)

And last, but not least, our Anniversary was also last week. We were unable to completely celebrate (due to delayed/canceled flights, and other parties), so we are celebrating next week. I am so happy with my decision to marry the Hubs over eight years ago. He is handsome, hard working, and loving...just to name a few of his awesome characteristics. Happy 8th Anniversary, Honey!
Hope you have a photo-worthy weekend!

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