Friday, July 5, 2013

InstaFriday - Happy Independence Day Week!

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Remember me talking about the plywood project a little here? Well, here it is! We installed a rock climbing wall in Widget's room.
 We put Widget's old crib mattress below the wall (in case of falls). And sometimes we hide treats or little toys on the top handholds for Widget to find/win. So far, she has enjoyed her wall...but we still have tears for frustration (sometimes).
 While the Hubby and I were walking around The Plaza (near downtown Kansas City), we were admiring our car's sister (another Scion XB). Interesting enough, it still had a backseat passenger inside. It was hard to take this picture because of the glare from the sun, but it was totally worth it. Click the picture to make it bigger if you need to :)
I am watching a couple little girls on weekdays (for the rest of the summer). It's not been easy trying to figures out activities that will keep the attention of an 8, 6, and 5 year old all at the same time. One thing that does seem to interest them all is chalk.
 You know how doll hair gets all tangled up after changing their outfit once? Well, after bedtime with Widget, I decided I needed to comb through her dolls' hair. But I can hardly stop at just fixing their locks...I also get them dressed all pretty :) This is what happens when Mommy plays with dolls!
 I took the girls to a spray park on Tuesday. I love this picture: one little girl (Six) is having a blast and Widget is giggling so hard she doubled over.
 On the 4th, we had an easy-going day, which included more chalk drawing. Widget and I drew our family on the walkway to the front door. She helped me pick colors and added 'more' to their shoes. But I have to say, we are a pretty cute little family!

Hope you have a photo-worthy holiday weekend!

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