Monday, August 26, 2013

Cheap Organization that is Visually Appealing

To me, August has always been the month of Back-To-School, clothes shopping and organization. It's the time we prepare our minds, our wardrobes, and our closets for the school year and the up-coming season changes. Spring Cleaning is now something to deal with next year, but, now we long to clear out the mess of summer outings and unstructured play represented around the house by piles of pool toys, stuffed animals and stacks of movies strewn across every flat surface in sight.

I don't know about you, but I've been motived to get things unpacked and more organized this month. Maybe it's the kid-free time while school is in session, or maybe it's just me wanting a change, but I have been gradually finding spaces that are in need of order...and to be beautified.

One of my goals is to situate and prepare my office/craft room into a place where inspiration abounds and creativity can flourish (and being able to find everything would also be a bonus).

My handsome hubby and I bought and assembled some white shelving (which you can pick up at good ol' Target, or Walmart, Lowe's, and Home Depot, etc.) in the bedroom that I call my office. I also bought some of the collapsible fabric storage cubes to utilize on the new shelving...but I couldn't figure out how to make everything organized by dumping it into bins.

A better place for pens, dry erase markers, sharpies, and such, would be in plain view--like in these tins I bought in Target's dollar section (I LOVE that section). The tins create a simple space to separate these writing apparatuses, and lessen clutter.

I also found that some things, stuff I needed to store, looked rather nice on their own. I lined up my wood birdhouses in pretty rows on one of the shelves. I like the grouping effect is has visually, and also it's a great way to remind yourself of some of the projects you have planned in the future.

And, in order to keep my fabric stash a little more manageable, I tried finding ways to store the prettiness like the stores do (you know: HobLob and JoAnns). At first I couldn't find anything in the right price range, or the correct size. I had racked my brain, and had thought my only solution would be to painstakingly cut up cereal boxes (for the next year) to create a 'board' to wrap my fabric around...but then I went to Hancock's (to buy more fabric, of course) and found that our Hancock's was temporally closing its doors. While morning my loss of a near-by fabric/craft store, I made sure to buy a little extra yardage to tide me over until the shop opened again. At the cutting counter, I noticed the employees stacking empty fabric bolts into a cupboard. Turns out they were only going to go chuck those wonderfully empty bolts into a dumpster outback!

I had to save the bolts! Thoughts of lovely, organized shelves danced in my head as I thought about the possibilities. Luckily, the employee (even though he thought me quite crazy) gave me two huge sacks full of bare bolts to pack into my car. (Thank you wonderful Hancock's employee!!!!! I'll never forget you!!!!)

Once home, I used my hubby's miter saw to cut the bolts to fit onto my pretty shelving, then started wrapping them in fabric. One regular length bolt can be cut to create two of my shelf-size bolts and still have a bit leftover. I used those 'leftover' pieces to wrap lace and trims around (see the bottom right picture in the collage)---now all the loveliness can be on display.

Oooo, Aawwww! So pretty, it makes me smile :)

What organization have you been tempted to create this month?
How did you stay on top of your back-to-school schedules/paperwork?
Please link up all your Organization and Back-to-School ideas at our Make Along Monday link party!

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