Monday, September 16, 2013

Interchangeable Wreath: Double-take Halloween Wreath

A couple of months ago I showed you how to create an Easy Interchangeable Wreath. It looked a little like this...
Now that the season has changed, I figured the Easy Interchangeable Wreath needed a bit of a facelift. This is what I created...

It's quite a difference, isn't it! And, I only used supplies that I already had on hand (some of which was still new in the package-never opened)---I like to call that a Craft Win, because I didn't spend any additional money for this project and I gave purpose to other things that I've been holding onto for quite some time. Yay for Craft Wins!!!

I started with this skeleton key fabric (which I was given by Michaels Craft for a previous post). I cut the fabric into strips
Lined the strips up, and sewed them all together (to make one long piece of fabric)
Then sewed up the long side (making a long tube)
Flipped it right-side out
I then grabbed a bunch of stuff I had on hand
Then I sat down with my vine-y wreath, and went to work making bows, layering, wrapping, adjusting, pinning....and voila!
I wrapped some sheer black fabric around the wreath, then stuck in some feathers randomly.
I tucked some sheer purple fabric (which has a spider web pattern on it) and some large black mesh into the extra large bow.  
I call it my 'Double-Take Halloween Wreath' because it's eerie, but at first glance it's almost like you're not sure quite why. But, it fits me and the holiday just fine :)

Have you started decorating for October's great night of spooks?

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